The JADE thread!


Here's Iroh my carved bangle and Zuko my ring.

This is the only piece of jade I have and I would love to know more about it if anyone can tell me. It was sold to me as lavender jade many years ago. Here it is, front and back.

Really pretty piece! Nice curvy, feminine lines on it. Very suitable for the soft lavender color. I agree that it does look untreated. Do you know what karat the gold is? Was it new when you got it or vintage? Are there any makers marks on it? If 14k or 585, most likely means it was meant for an American market.
Thanks! I was really happy when I got that ring and it matched up so well. The ring is vintage, from a seller in Hawaii and the bangle was from jade-los-angeles on ebay.
Iroh was my inspiration in my search for a carved yellow/caramel bangle!

for those looking jade los angeles still has a diamond facet cut bangle in greenish black.
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View attachment 2975143 [emoji255]my black diamond and magical [emoji173]️ Burmese jadeite bangles [emoji257]
oooooh the diamond cut is so unique!!!

Hi jadies! Posting today just to kick start the latest thread. Today wearing my "gumball" bracelet and 'Solana' bangle with a jade and pearl ring. Happy Monday! 😊
The pastels go well with each other. Love the spring vibe these beauties are giving off:smile:
Morning Crosso!

Love your set... the gumballs are such nice colors and the echo to Solona is a great touch.

Here's a stack of my whites... the color is a little washed out because the lighting what's coming in through the window on a cloudy day.

:loveeyes: what a beautiful collection! I am still trying to work on my first one...;)