The JADE thread!

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  1. I also think it doesn't look too lavender. I agree that you should wait and see if you still think about it. Just wondering also if you should ask the seller directly why the bangle doesn't look so lavender in the extra pictures and what the lighting conditions were when she took those earlier pictures. Not sure if she will be honest about it but it's worth seeing what she says.
  2. She sent me additional pictures yesterday that look like a nice lavender and I just asked her about lighting in them and she said natural sunlight. So I'm confused again lol. The pictures show three bangles, but the one that's going to fit me best and is the most affordable is the one with the most grey.
    Screenshot_2019-09-03-09-15-37.png Screenshot_2019-09-03-09-15-56.png
  3. I actually like the subtle lavender with the dark gray, it has a sense of cool elegance and I think the pattern is very pretty. Although I'm not a pro I'd agree that lavender and purple are hard to photograph. Still, I'd anticipate a fairly faint color in most daily light conditions. If what you actually want is a lush pop of purple, I would hold out for a more vibrant piece.

    In either case, at least you're managing expectations wisely by requesting these additional photos! I was not savvy or thoughtful enough to ask for more photos when I bought my latest bangle, and as a result I was disappointed by the difference between photos in studio lighting vs. my experience in average reality.
  4. Lavender will always look deeper in photos for some reason, so when buying online, will have to lower expectations that the bangle will look lighter in real life. If you are hesitant because of the color, perhaps it’ll be good to sit on it a few days and see if you still keep thinking about it. Or maybe you will come across something better later on.
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  5. Most of the vibrant lavender jadeite bangles I have seen are way out of my price range. It is difficult because my size is hard to find, I wear 63-65 mm, so finding lavender bangles in a large size is even more difficult. UJ has some pretty lavender in my size but it is really expensive.

    I have definitely been burned before by not asking for additional pictures. I have learned my lesson especially with pricey purchases. If it is a cheap bangle then I can take more chances. It is also harder with sellers that don't allow returns. If she allowed returns I would have bought it already.
  6. Are u able to ask for outdoor pictures . It’s quite tricky to take pictures of lavender . Often , they appear more vividly in shade in pictures . Lavender jade are like chameleon .

    Some of my icy white bangles looks like it’s got a lavender tint when pictured , but in reality the lavender shade is hardly detectable .

    I feel that in very bright day light , you get a better idea how pale it is . Since seller doesn’t accept returns it’s best to ensure you are happy with everything before committing to a purchase !
  7. Hi pio. Looks to me like the bangle with the three black stripes is gray / black on over half of it and has a lavender patch on the other side. It would likely look duller gray unless the one lavender spot is facing up. You have to make sure you are ok with the color (lavender can be really faint in person) if they do not allow returns.

    CR, congrats on your son's wedding!
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  8. My new bangle form Ginger Coast is finally here!

    It is my first purchase from her and I really love :heart: love this bangle. It took her a loooong time to ship (over 10 days). I don't mean transit time, that was lighting fast once she actually put it in the mail. In her defense, she says on her website that it takes 1-2 weeks to ship but man, the anticipation was killing me!

    The bangle has a number of rough spots all over (where the brown spots are) which do not bother me but the listing said "a" rough patch. Hmm. And there is some fluorescent stuff in all the rough spots. I am hoping it is wax stuck in the roughness and I can dissolve it by soaking in acetone. Though in the past I have not been successful in removing fluorescent "wax" with acetone. The other option is to wear it and hope it rubs off. It kind of bothers me. Returns are not accepted and I like the bangle. Her prices are good and the bangle looks to be A grade jadeite on my first inspection.

    I wonder if you have any suggestions.

    other side: IMG_20190903_141917.jpg

  9. Congratulations on your new bangle Jadeitebear! I like that it had two sides - one that’s earthy with greens and browns and the other peaceful like the sky.
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  10. Love your new bangle! I have been looking at that Etsy store. She has a lot of nice looking bangles. I'm hoping to order from her at some point, she seems to get a few large sizes.
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  11. Thank you 2BoysJM and piosavsfan! So true about the two sides. What attracted me to it initially was the green but I love that it has two sides. There are many subtle colors I am still discovering including a faint lavender streak.
    I named the new bangle Tahoe. It reminds me of the bright tree leaves and trunks in the summer and deep snows and tranquil sky in the winter.
    piosavsfan, I am generally happy with Ginger Coast. She has been very responsive and patient providing photos and answering questions. Just watch out for the no returns. No certificates are provided with the items for free so make sure you ask about that if certification is important to you and "imperfections" as most of her bangles are supposed to have quirks and character. I think it is part of their appeal / price break but it's best to know what you are getting. I hope you find the right bangle for you soon whether it is the pale lavender-gray one :smile: or not :sad:.
  12. The green patch on your bangle is very vibrant and eye-catching!
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  13. The green patch on your bangle is very vibrant and eye-catching!
  14. Your bangle is gorgeous with so much character! In my experience with rough brownish spots or especially yellow rough spots, they do have a fluorescent glow under uv light naturally. I wouldn't worry about them.
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  15. On my computer screen, the one with the most grey (in the second pic, it's on the right) has the nicest lavender :biggrin:
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