The JADE thread!

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  2. Soft lovely color.
  3. Pio, it's gorgeous! I was loving that one of all 3 but couldn't post on here for a while. My phone wouldn't let me.
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  4. Omg! The color!! It's lovely!
  5. Happy mid-autumn festival jadies! Wearing my new white icy jade beads and icy ruyi pendant :biggrin:

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  6. Well done! Glad you and the bangle are all right :biggrin:
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  8. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you too! Love those beads and they're such a stunner with your current bangle :biggrin:
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  10. W-mokster, what a relief! Glad no hammers were involved :biggrin:. I am about to attempt putting on bangle I think is too small for me right now. Wish me luck! Or feel free to discourage me.
  11. Good luck!
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  12. Go for broke. Good luck.
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  13. Your icy white beads are so sweet and feminine and I am still admiring your icy bangle! Nice match with the ruyi pendant, mrsblue!

    Well, at least it went in one direction. Cheers and enjoy the mooncakes! IMG_20190913_150802.jpg
  14. For me yesterday, it was a durian mooncake and a purple-grey bangle :biggrin:

    A mystic knot pendant from Yok Dee earlier this week. I’ve been looking for a jade mystic knot for a while!

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  15. Love the sweet colour and inclusions - so unique!
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