The JADE thread!

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  1. You know it’s bleached when you can see spider web on the surface-that is either a bad bleaching job or a 5-year old one because it loses luster (gloss?) after a long time. And if it is old, you can sometimes spot “clear spots” as if you see quartz veins in some stones like amethyst or agate (druzy agate is a good example); except quartz is not mixed in jade. So, those spots are the voids left behind by the bleaching-and if it is injected with polymer, you can see those voids turn off color like yellowish (in highly translucent jade it even gives you the impression of?floating “cloud”). In the second photo of my lots, you can see the grey spots in the inner wall and one or two on the outer surface. And a dead give away is how light it feels for that thickness and width: agate bangle always feel much lighter than a nephrite bangle for the same outer diameter and width even if their differences in specific gravity is not that much: 2.95 for nephrite and 2.6 for agate. And you know agate stone (not its weight or SG) just has that feel to it when you hold it in your palm.
  2. The first photo of the ordered bangle has one square(ish) spot in the inner wall; the one I have does not have that “birthmark” but a few lines of green on the inner wall. And the outer surface should have a horizontal green patch on one edge but the one I have does not. Instead, it has a big area of diffused green. I asked her to look at my photos and she admitted to send the wrong one due to her old age (76 I think). So she offered $10 refund and I could keep the bangle or return for full refund. What bothers me is that she did not offer to take back this one send out the right bangle nor did she even mention the availability of it.
  3. Thanks so much! Yes, the fit is comfy as I prefer my bangles a little bigger . Will try to capture a shot in the sun tomorrow. Sometimes it's too cloudy here so that doesn't help

    Thanks so much and you are so right about it being smokey like my username hehe! :biggrin: My little Benji was waiting for me to quickly take my photo so that I could give him treats
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  4. Thanks for explaining! Yes, I've heard about the spiderwebs before for bleached jade
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  5. I see.... if she acknowledges she sent the wrong bangle then it’s the wrong one for sure. I agree she should have offered to take back this one and send you the right one. You should ask about this option and if for whatever reason the bangle you originally ordered is not available, you can decide which of her offers you would accept.
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  6. Hi Vicky, sorry to hear about your experience with this seller. That is really frustrating especially when the seller does not offer to send the right bangle or promises to "look" for it and somehow cannot find the bangle you ordered. If you can get a full refund, I say take it and never go back to her. I'm sad to say similar thing has happened to me with a silver bracelet I ordered online from a seller on ebay. Luckily she gave me a full refund (including shipping cost) to send it back. I can't believe how some sellers think somehow you are not going to notice the difference.
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  7. Hi ladies! loving all the eye candy!

    Yeah, those bangles don't look anything alike. That green patch on the lip of the listed bangle is nowhere to be found on the one she sent you. Get the refund and ask her if she still has the listed one? She may have assumed you would not be interested in her business since the bangle that got sent is bleached.

    Love the look of this bangle! Who is the seller? PM, please if you don't want to share publicly.
  8. FA6D2483-7461-48CF-A849-9291D57A1647.jpeg One of those pendants I really like . Candy vibe I got from the candy my son used enjoy . So I half designed this and got my seller to materialized it .

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  9. I love your new pendant Bernie! So dainty and sweet. Extra sweet that it reminds you of the candies your son used to eat - they grow so quickly don’t they?
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  10. Thanks dear, it’s aboy . Howdy ! I m still trying to figure out how to use Tpf as web again . Thought it went missing because the apps was canned . When I caught on again. Whoa ! So many more post . U ladies are really fast in buying stuff !

    Yes , kids grow up really quickly . I m a petite mom , he should probably overtake me in height quite soon haha

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  11. Your little guy is handsome and I love how he doesn’t seem too enthusiastic to have his picture taken lol You look great too:smile: I’m petite as well and both my 14 and 12 year old boys are taller than me lol
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  12. Thanks so much and happy weekend! The seller is JadeiteRoom on Etsy (all good and bad sellers on this forum should be shared :biggrin:). She’s having a sale now - 10% off for any 2 items :biggrin:
  13. This candy pendant looks like a dream! Love the design and colours!
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  14. I think it looks grey-green here in the car hehe

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  15. I finally got around to taking a few pics of my new ring. I am so happy with it! It has good translucence, the colour is vibrant and I adore the design. I would say the last pic is how it looks most often but the colour ranges from orange to a red orange depending on lighting.

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