The JADE thread!

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  1. The app is done. So now I’m trying to figure this out on mobile I hope all the Jadies are enjoying their day ☺️
  2. Today’s bangle

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  3. Thanks for sharing C Rose I’ve been trying to log into the app all day. Hope they get it fixed soon.
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  4. Hey 2BJM! The app is done all together. It appears that the app was difficult and was a bit of a risk to our privacy, so they have done away with the app completely as of yesterday.
  5. #19010 May 22, 2019
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
    My newest thick chubby princess with green and yellow swirls I've named Mystique.

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  6. #19011 May 22, 2019
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
    3 of my thick chubby princess bangles. All are jadeite. Chime, Coi, and Mystique. Last photo is Chime with Pure.

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  7. Hi teagansmum, congrats on your newest chubby! :drinks: The color swirls sure are dreamy! Nice bumper beads btw, what are they made of? Until I can find bumper bracelets that work, stacks for me should be on hold.
  8. IMG_20190520_165352 (1).jpg
    This bumper attempt didn't work so well.
  9. Hi Jadeitebear! Your stack is lovely with such soft colors and your spacer will protect them from scratching. I find beaded necklaces at thrift shops and turn them into bracelet spacers. The ones in my photo are round beads covered in green silk thread. There's always a selection of beaded necklaces in thrift shops.
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  10. That’s a perfect name for her Tea - she’s beautifully mysterious. I love the dark swirls. How thick is this bangle? What would be considered a “chubby princess” - 10 mm and up?
    You have a gorgeous collection of chubby princesses.
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  11. Great stack - I can see how this bumper may not work lol! Beautiful bangles:smile:
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  12. Thank you 2boys. I agree with you on considering a chubby princess would be about 10mm and up. Mystique is 12mm, Chime is 13mm, Coi is 13.3mm and Pure is 11.6mm. I find it hard to stack wider princess bangles, as it feels too heavy, and a wider spacer is needed to stop them from banging into each other.
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  13. teagansmum, that's a great idea, thanks for sharing! You have a gorgeous collection.

    2BJM, haha, thanks, true that not much will stop my white nephrite. She is a Monster. (That's her name, Monster.) So I need to hunt for some bigger spacers.
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  14. Lol when I first saw your post about the spacer I had to look again to see the spacer. Monster stole the show What if you reversed the order and put Monster on last - that may work.
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  15. Thanks 2BJM! That might work indeed. I usually line up stacks from widest farthest up my arm to narrowest because I think that gives more room, but lining stacks up where the widest bracelet is closest to my wrist might make them bang around less. I'm sure there is a better way than what I do :doh:

    How do you, Jadies arrange your stacks?
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