The JADE thread!

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  2. I love this combo especially that gorgeous teal bangle. Is Hetian nephrite supposed to change over time?
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  3. Hi 2boys yes! I was trying to find some articles but not v easy. In ancient times when polishing was not as good, the change in Hetian jade would be more obvious. People say that the change was due to the touch by the wearer. The change in the appearance can be classified to oil, transparency and texture. Some even claim the inclusion would become less obvious.

    The change probably is less obvious nowadays given all the products are well polished. But I’m still interested to see how it goes.

    I found these photos online to show the before and after. The beads in latter photo are more shiny....


  4. Very interesting and I do see that your beads have become more luminous. Thank you sharing. [emoji4]
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  5. Jadeitebear, lovely peaches!
    Essiedub, what a nice bracelet!
    Gogo, your Guatemalan bangle is from Allan , right?
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  6. Wearing this pendant today
  7. This is lovely. Nice to have a piece of family history [emoji4]
  8. This is gorgeous! Love the beaded bracelet too [emoji5]
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  10. Today’s bangle [emoji4] IMG_2187.JPG
  11. Hey C Rose and Uli - beautiful pieces [emoji7] Hope Eveyone is having lovely weekend. [emoji41]
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  12. Thanks so much 2BJM! I hope you enjoyed your weekend as well [emoji5]
  13. Hello uli yes it’s from Allan! The size fits very well I have been swapping this and a lavender one from time to time. It’s very easy to match! Loving it
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