The JADE thread!

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  1. Thank you for the kind words, Uli! Sold out? Your creativity has started a trend, dear Uli!

    The celadon beads were not from 3jade and I never wore them because I thought they were too blah (and made me look my age :amuse:) though I love the color, so I borrowed some beads from it for the fish bracelet and they matched so well, I decided to go for the full necklace. I think it gave it an updated look. I like it so much that I will wear it to graduation in a few weeks, (not mine, LOL, I am a teacher.)

    C Rose, here is some inspiration for your new beads. (These are not mine.) Your carved beads are exquisite! The bracelet is a perfect color match, good eye! It makes a great set and the change in shape gives it a modern twist.
  2. Uh oh, looks like I need a koi bracelet too. This is so adorable! I like it very much with the beads. Is 3jade the vendor source?
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  3. These are so pretty. They glow! Is this called mutton jade?
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  4. Yes, Thanks! That’s exactly what I had in mind

    That’s great you had the beads already. It’s so hard to match for pictures online. Apparently, that shape is pretty popular in China. I have purchased a few bead strands recently and they are all shaped like that. Thanks again
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  5. Peaches!
    The honey one is the one from UJ. It came with a very narrow hole that was drilled kind of sideways so I widened the hole to accept a bail with a diamond drill bit under the dripping garden faucet and it worked out surprisingly well. The other one is a free gift that came with something.
    Hopefully, now they have usable bails. IMG_20190516_151609 (1).jpg
    Mod shot
    IMG_20190517_100634 (1).jpg
  6. Thanks so much essiedub! I just called them white jade I have seen so many different looking jade pieces called that, I’m not sure what it is exactly and there is so much scrutiny with it.
  7. Very nice! You will have to post pictures of this dremel thing you use and these bits. I need one but I might be dangerous once I have it lol
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  8. This is a beautiful set C Rose and perfect for such a special day. What colour will your dress be?
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  9. The honey peach is so sweet! Looks good on you and the pretty lavender peach is a very generous free gift [emoji6]
  10. #18985 May 17, 2019
    Last edited: May 17, 2019
    Thanks so much my friend! I’m thinking of maybe a blush or a pale yellow. Sorry I don’t wear dresses [emoji4] I’m was thinking about a pant suit, but neighbor suggested a jumper. So I’m exploring that option as well.

    It’s going to be interesting because I’m going to do a dance routine with my son to an upbeat song. I think it will be “Happy” because I’m so happy he is moving out LOL [emoji23] It’s gonna be a fun time.
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  11. Thank you 2BJM! The seller was really sweet to include the peach gift. It was All About Jade I think.
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  12. A blush pink dress would be nice although a soft yellow is a very happy colour - perfect to dance to “Happy” lol! No matter what you are going to be radiant with your jade bead set [emoji4]
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  13. Just for fun, I pulled out this old bracelet that my mother-in-law gave me. My father-in-law bought it for her in the 60’s from some estate jewelry shop. It kind of has a “roaring 20’s” feel to it..jade on silver filigree vermeil. I saw this video on filigree and it’s a chinese art form and quite labor intensive to make..bunch of intricate wire twisting that will make your head spin and eyes cross:whut:..anyway, I’ve had it for years and never wore it. I really kind of like it now. Actually, this thread has helped me appreciate jade a lot more! Thanks!


  14. Hello all! This is what I’m wearing today :smile:

    Blue green bangle and hetian beads. Interested to see how the hetian beads would change over time.

  15. Ooops posted twice! My phone is v slow today...

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