The JADE thread!

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  1. This bracelet arrived today! 20190523_172841.jpg Hetian Nephrite from matsalice. ❤
  2. Piosavsfan What a lovely yellow your bracelet is - like sunshine! Perfect for summer days:smile:
    So buttery in colour and texture.
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  3. Thank you. I really like the shade of yellow. I think it will look very nice with some of my summer outfits.
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  4. I do what you do with the smaller bangles closer to my wrist. It helps with bangles that may be larger and fall too close down the wrist. By stacking, the smaller bangles keep them in place where they should be. I also prefer to stack with one d-shape and one princess. I find that no matter which 2 princess's I stack, they always find a way to clink together, even with a bigger spacer. Every time I hear a clink, my heart drops. Lol
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  5. Perfect beauty for summer! The color really stands out and I bet they turn different shade of creamy yellow in the sunlight. They look so nice amongst the yellow flowers.
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  6. What a perfect color match Cy! You always find the coolest browns in Hetian.
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  7. I have been lurking on this forum for a couple of months and admiring all the beautiful jade pieces I’ve seen here. Happy to introduce my first bangle to this forum. She’s mainly green with a hint of lavender.

    I have a couple of questions and sorry if these seem so 101 but may I find out if one can shower and sleep with a jade bangle on? Thanks!

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  8. Here is another pic of this bracelet with some sun shining on it!
  9. Yes, you can shower and sleep with it. In fact, there are many people that have permanent jade bangles that do not come off.

    Your first bangle looks nice, lovely hint of lavender!
  10. Thanks so much! Will leave it on for now - it just feels like it belongs :biggrin:
  11. Hello SmokieDragon, Thanks for sharing photos of your bangle. What a nice mix of three colors, subtle yet noticeable dark green and lavender. I also wear a bangle on me all the time (sleep and shower) until I feel like swapping it, or I add something to a stack for the day.

    Tea, that is my rationale for stacking too, as I like the bangles to stay where I put them on my arm and minimize slippage but if one wears a "permanent" bangle, I can see how the wider ones might end up closer to the wrist.
  12. Hi SmokeDragon your first bangle looks great on you and the fit is perfect! You can definitely sleep and shower with your bangle and in fact I think the water is good for it. I never have to clean my bangle since I always shower with it.
  13. SmokeDragon,

    I wear one jadeite bangle on each wrist most of the day for a while. I wear them while making soup, taking a long hot soapy bath, pan searing fish, baking bread, dipping hands in cookie dough, jumping rope, riding bicycle, running and they are doing just fine (including being smothered in spf 50 sunscreen for a few hours at the time on my biking days). The only times I take them off is when I do weight lifting and climbing the stairmaster (escalator style) at the gym. So yes sleep and shower with your bangle!
  14. It is kinda too late to chime in, but I do not think your old bangle was bleached aka type B. I said so because none of the type jade bangles I experimented on could withstand a drop from 1.3 meter to WOOD floor (they cracked). And on concrete or tile, they shattered. I used to break 3 bangles all natural untreated type A, I had to use a hammer and hit the same spot 2-3 times to break (none of them cost more than $75). That is to say bleaching with acid severely will destroy the stone so much that it becomes brittle. However, looking at your old bangle surface with many orange peel patches, I feel that it was hand cut and polished without using high grade abrasive. Jade cutters probably skipped that part and used hot wax dipping to bring out the luster of this jade. At the same time, they might add color agents to the stone and polish it with wax. Over time, when the wax came off, it took the color (lavender) with it. I have one jade bangle with that exact luster of your old one but I have no clue what it used to look like because I’m not the original owner. Anyway, I liked the soft satin finish on certain jadeite pieces and that’s why I bought it. I had to rewax with parafin wax by hand for 1 hour and each time it would last about a year (never a swimmer so not sure if the wax can hold up for a year under that harsh usage). And I always shower with jade jewelry. You may be able to glue 2 out of those 3 pieces together and drill a hold on each end to make a “clasp/hinge” bracelet-the third piece can be capped on with a bail and used as a new pendant. It does take a jeweler to do so but if it means a lot to you, it will be worth it.
  15. I've been wearing the same bangle for 4 years and I've never taken her off. She's gone swimming with me numerous times and has endured our freezing winters and heat stroke weather. Your bangle is a beauty and a great choice!
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