The JADE thread!

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  1. Thanks so much TM

    I’m sorry, I haven’t figured out this mobile site yet. It took me forever to get here. I’ll figure it out soon, I’m sure.

    I love all the beautiful jade pieces shared here. Thanks so much Jadies! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend so far
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  2. Thanks so much, ladies! I will keep her on and our first day together has been great - the fit is good, sleep and shower all not a problem :biggrin:
  3. Word of warning...if you take showers and have ceramic tiles, be careful not to smash your bangle on them. My permanent bangle is worn on my right which faces the opening of my shower. I once wore a bangle on my left while showering and smashed it into the tiles! I never shower while wearing a bangle on my left anymore. Bangle was ok, but it could have been a disaster.
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  4. This is so interesting. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on this.
  5. 07966BBE-8EAB-4F69-BDE1-E2B7B65349FC.jpeg Got ‘em two bracelets with one bead (instead of “killed two birds with one stone”).
    I hate to see my beloved nephrite bracelet made by Allan stacked away in the jewelry box just because it was one bead too loose. Tired of my own procrastination to bring it back to him even though we’re in the same city, today I decided to take the matter into my own hand and removed one bead from it. I was rather nervous when cutting the string of Allan’s nephrite bracelet, but everything worked out fine. After taking one Yukon Snow out, I had the spontaneous urge to insert it in the white bracelet. Now, the white jadeite bracelet was a gift from Nandar when I bought my icy bangle. I absolutely love it but it was a tad too tight - just one bead away from being perfect. Therefore, I wanted to fix that one too! While loving the idea of the Yukon Snow bead in the white jadeite beaded bracelet, I couldn’t give up the original intention of adding my extra Pandora Pavé Lights Charm to it. Finally, I decided to take out one white bead to make room for the Yukon Snow AND the charm.
    All in all, this little project brought me so much fun! I’m so excited now that I have two well-fitted, beloved beaded bracelets.
  6. 5D1AC0D9-1842-4C6A-8652-0766EC688A44.jpeg 4B056068-D264-4AAE-B8EB-AF7A0EB1780C.jpeg 6AD2BE75-016B-4373-A8BF-2E0E8C718C9A.jpeg Here they are. Thanks for letting me share my passion!
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    Silverstar, I love your bracelets!
    Actually I had the same idea yesterday. To combine stone beads with silver ones. Mine are from Fairy beads and Trollbeads.
    And I want to introduce "Tang" (Chinese for pond; at least Google says so).
    I got her with the help of a friend. I am very thankful. Tang is a chubby green Hetian princess. I love her sooo much.
  8. IMG_20190526_143445.jpg

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  9. Game of thrones sends its greetings... :smile:

  10. IMG_20190526_145450.jpg
  11. Silverstar I love how you added your own touch in those beautiful white beads. The pop of colour and the Pandora charm adds a unique touch. Your beads from Allen are gorgeous! So happy your project turned out perfect
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  12. I love your too Uli and your new chubby princess is beautiful! Looks amazing!!
  13. I recently got a new oval princess and I’m very happy with it. I do prefer round bangles but this one has such a lovely texture and is different from what I have in my collection that I decided to go for it. I’ve taken a few pics over the weekend under different lighting. Colour ranges from near colourless to pale mint green.

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