The JADE thread!

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  1. Thank you :smile:
  2. Ok!

  3. It arrived today and I love it!
  4. I also bought this one from Ultimate Jadeite. I love it too! IMG_2312.JPG
  5. Beautiful carved bangle. Is it a hibiscus flower? It’s so pretty - you must be so happy congrats!
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  6. This one is pretty too - very soft and feminine looking. You’re 2 for 2
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  7. Not sure what flower... but pretty and I am happy. I tested it with a steel knife and it leaves no mark. I also note the asbestos like fibrous internal structure... so, I am pretty sure it is nephrite but I really doubt that it is Hetian Jade in view of the price I bought it at.
  8. They look especially beautiful, JadeLeaf! With the soft subtle tones, you could probably wear them with anything. I am excited for you - getting new jade is always a special experience! Thanks for sharing - just right for the New Year!:biggrin:
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  9. image.jpeg
    For several generations prior to me, my family (Dad's side) has amassed quite a sizeable father was his grandmother's favorite especially being the "oldest" and male so he inherited her jade and pearl ring. The ring is over 100 years old. I will post a photo of it later....
    Here are a few jade rings that I snapped a photo of last week.
    Thanks for letting me share.
  10. Love your Hawaiian bracelet! Is that a Hildgund piece? My mother has a similar bracelet.
  11. It is not, it’s a newer piece made in the old style. The man who did it lives on the East Coast, but lived in Hawaii for a long time. He does excellent work, even refurbished another Hawaiian bracelet from the 80’s. Thanks for noticing my bracelet
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  12. Wow what an impressive collection of jade cab rings! So nice that they been passed down from generation. Do you wear any of these rings? Thank you for sharing and please post the picture of the jade and pearl ring when you have time
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    Yes, it is true. The longer you wear your jade piece (years) the deeper and richer the color becomes. My Aunt has been wearing her bangle for over 50+ years and it's beautiful. Her bangle cannot come off her wrist without breaking the bangle or chopping her wrist off....LOL!
    I too wore a jade bangle for years and there was a noticeable color change until I cracked it.
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  14. IMG_1546802041.344005.jpg

    My family is in the jewelry business and my grandpa was a goldsmith. This jade ring is one of his earlier pieces and the ring was made completely by hand by him. This ring was passed on to me after he passed away and I consider it to be a family heirloom piece. A small piece of my grandpa is still with me through this ring. It’s a simple design but enjoy wearing it.
  15. Hello jadies! This is my first post on the thread.

    I discovered this thread a week or so ago and I wanted to say hi and your jades are all so beautiful. Thanks for posting all the pics and info!
    I am very new to jade but after poking around online sellers I am building up a dangerously growing collection of beaded bracelets (Most of which I immediately restring to my liking. I don't know if it is getting to know the jade or control freaky.)
    In the mean time, here is my first bangle, Fog. I think dainty princess bangles (this one is only 8mm) look better on my IMG_20190106_081623 (1).jpg wrist. I like Fog's subtle energy and colors which are very calming for a meditative state, but I am still looking for an everyday bangle. I just ordered a D shaped one. Hope it arrives soon!