The JADE thread!

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  1. Hi Dingobeast I have not personally. They have some jade watches that looked interesting. Are you thinking of getting something from their site?
  2. Recently I noticed in nephrite market, there are more so called “cat-eye” nephrite. I have two of them. I personally think most of the cat-eye efforts are due to the cutting of the cabochons. A good “cat-eye” is mobile, like the ring I have, well a “bad” (still look beautiful though) is not mobile and the lighted line only stays in the middle, like the pendant I have here.
    4CC09322-1648-48B8-8701-A59BD083B3F4.jpeg A157685E-AFE0-48E3-8CF0-F246EB4041A6.jpeg 0F7247CD-3461-497B-9352-F9862CDABE48.jpeg 50DBF834-B9E9-4044-85E0-DB5A4A06B97D.jpeg FD5AF638-B56B-4AB7-8F9E-7A1BF31E0812.jpeg 3362057B-C73D-404E-AAF6-156CE53E1381.jpeg B82859CE-8038-44A3-9AF9-9A2A0CE9606F.jpeg
  3. Hi, 2Boys_Jademommy. I am not sure, everything looks almost too good, and there aren't many reviews. It makes me nervous.
  4. At a quick glance some pieces do look a little too good to be true for the price. Also to me it looks like there is a mix of treated and non treated jade so I would be careful. You may find a good deal in a true gem but it could go the other way. If you are nervous I would not buy from them unless you plan on getting the jade tested and if the seller agrees to a full refund if found to be treated.
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  5. I agree. It is a very mixed bag there.
  6. Aloha my fellow jadies! Mele Kalikimaka! I hope your Christmases are overflowing with friends, family, good cheer, and lots of jade!

    Jade earrings from me to me for Christmas, and I gave my MIL one of my larger carved bangles to replace one that broke on her.

    Pic of the new-to-me earrings

    repost of the bangle
  7. Merry Christmas JKP and all the Jadies here!!
    I love your new earrings. Such an exquisite design with the jade, dainty pearls and gold leaf. Lovely translucence on the jade. I’m sure your MIL appreciates the carved bangle you gifted her.
  8. Happy new year Jadies. May this year bring loads of love, peace and happiness.

    My Christmas present to myself is arriving today. My first princess bangle. I am so excited :smile:
  9. Happy New Year Jadies!!
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  10. My first princess bangle from UJ. It's white with apple green patches. In the afternoon sunlight i saw a hint of lilac too :smile:
    I am loving the princess shape.
  11. It’s beautiful! Fits you perfectly too
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  12. Happy New Year to all!! :smile::heart:
  13. Junkenpo, the bracelet and earrings are so lovely. I really like the elegant design of the earrings - shows off the stone perfectly!
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    Matsalice, thanks for sharing a pic of your pendant and ring, they are charming!
    I think there was a discussion about this some time back (Clairejune I think??). It's too bad I missed that discussion! I have a few chatoyant nephrite pieces that I picked up maybe 10 years ago, wasn't very common back then, that's for sure, but I do see some resurgence in popularity.

    Nephrite is fibrous, and when those tight fibers all align in a parallel to the cut, you can see a cats-eye effect in a clean, rounded stone. It's a relatively rare effect, and is usually found in colors like the spinach greens, dark/light browns, and black. I saw a chatoyant black nephrite cabochon once - absolutely stunning!

    Anyway, my two cents on chatoyant nephrite. Thanks for posting your nice pics!:smile:
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