The JADE thread!

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  1. Your ring is gorgeous! I love the simple design - lets the jade shine. Beautiful and so awesome that your grandpa made this ring.
  2. Welcome Jadeitebear! This dainty princess looks like it was made for you:smile:. I would love to see your d shape bangle when it arrives and hear how it compares to wearing a princess for you.
  3. Thank you, 2boys_jademommy! I will update you on the fit.

    Here is a pic from the seller of my new bangle on the way. It has a dark green spot (not visible here) which I love and the certificate says lavender and green. I am curious to see how the lavender turns out under different lighting after reading posts here about the moodiness of lavender jadeite. Even if it looks mostly white, I still like it since I got my offer on it accepted, hehe.
  4. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    As promised.....Here is my great grandmother's jade/pearl ring. I was told she wore this ring daily without taking it off. Due to the softness of the gold, it eventually covered the pearls and formed into a "square" shaped ring.
  5. Beautiful! I love the buttery deep yellow of high karat gold. How lovely to have such a meaningful piece handed down. I'm looking forward to this with my pieces. I've been acquiring/culling my collection thinking about what would cherished and continued to be handed down vs. sold by next generations.

    On my wish list is high karat gold hoops, but I keep getting distracted by jade.
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  6. Ooooh, can't wait to see them.
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  7. image.jpeg The jade ring and jade bracelet are favorites of mine....I was allowed to wear the bracelet to parties when I was young. Now I need to add links, it's a bit snug.
    Thanks for letting me share.
  8. I love the vintage design and the the colour is so vivid against the bright yellow gold. Thank you so much for sharing this special ring.
    And if you didn’t mention that the pearls got squished in due to the softness of the gold I would have thought that was part of the design - reminds me of a pearl peeking out of an oyster
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  9. How glamorous your pieces look together:smile: The pearl and jade bracelet is beautiful - you should definitely add a link so you can wear it anytime you want and that ring is gorgeous.
  10. Gorgeous jade pieces, ladies! I especially love the vintage & antique pieces!!
  11. :amazed:
    Thanks for your kind words 2boys_jademommy
    I have several pieces that are in need of adjusting, reset and mounting.
    I'm exhausted just thinking about it.
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  12. Hi Jadies I bought myself a Christmas present this year - dainty black jade earrings set in rose gold with little diamonds. I didn’t post earlier because to be honest I was initially disappointed. These were an online order and while they are pretty they are smaller than I envisioned even though the seller’s description was accurate. Furthermore the diamonds are teeny (diamond size was not specified) Long story short the seller was awesome and I did like them but it was not love at first sight. Fast forward and I’ve been wearing them everyday for a few weeks and I’ve grown to love them. They are comfortable so I can sleep in them and they go with everything. In the light the jade is actually dark green. If the earrings were a bit bigger they would be perfect but they are cute and I love them now IMG_3280.JPG IMG_3281.JPG
    Edit to add first pic taken with “warm” chosen and second pic is natural colour.
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  13. Very beautiful Jademommy!!! I love rose gold. Completely understand about how you felt upon first seeing them - I've definitely been there, but I'm glad you've developed a connection to them! They're lovely and the jade stone is beautifully polished too - very nice and delicate.:smile:
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  14. Thank you NephriteGoddess for your kind words. I typically try and avoid online jade purchase for this very reason - that often the image we have in our minds do not match reality. I was actually deciding between these and a pair of Ming’s black jade earrings and chose these as they are smaller / easier to wear everyday.
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  15. "...often the image we have in our minds do not match reality" This is so true. Buying online has made things easier and harder at the same time. I have very few earrings that I can wear continuously without removing them for bed, so I know what you mean. You made a practical choice and style choice all at the same time, which is not easy to do! And great choice, by the way! Also, please send pics if you ever decide to get the Ming earrings down the road:biggrin:
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