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  1. Hi Lxora! No, I don't think so. Moss-in-snow is a bright green on pure white and is fairly rare, I think. The green in this one is more of an olive green. But I found the spotted pattern interesting and I like it, though I don't wear it that often.
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429384298.653950.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429384312.238024.jpg enjoy this beautiful day [emoji261][emoji261][emoji261]
  3. I never get tired of seeing all your colorful jade pieces...each one is so unique, like a fingerprint! Reading the jade threads, I didnt realize how complex this gorgeous stone is and how many types of jade are out there! I am still trying to train my eye on how to identify a treated vs non-treated jade piece.
    Still on the search for my first bangle, may I ask if you were to choose a color or type of jade to start off with (considering I dont have thousands to spend) what would you recommend? Something that is a good piece to wear daily...
  4. i'm partial to pastels so i was initially drawn towards the apple greens and lavenders...then i discovered caramel yellows and the diamond facet black

  5. Ladies, I'm such a danger to myself and my jade! I just did a cartwheel and my blue gourd pendant hit my front tooth! I had a brief scare about both my tooth and my jade, and I can't even remember if my tooth was my first concern or my pendant! All is fine thank goodness! I really need to start acting my age as I'm not so young anymore...
  6. LOLOLOL!!! I love it! Glad you and your pendant wete not damaged. Never act your age!
  7. Thanks for your support! I'll reveal that I'm considered middle aged, but don't feel it most of the time. I'm told I don't look it by some, but they just may want money or a favor from me, LOL! ;)

  8. I think the early posts in the jade & jadeite reference thread has great pics and info.

    Jade preference is personal though. Lavenders and brighter greens tend to be more expensive when they also have good translucency and grain.

    My first bangle was a very pale green and more on the opaque side. I tend to like paler bangles, though if it is a carved bangle, I like color.

    Ouch! Hope both are OK!
  9. Wow Jade4me u sound very athletic! Hope that both the tooth and pendant are ok!
  10. Hmm... I was initially drawn to lavendar or lighter colours too. But later bought a black one coz I wear black very often. It's similar to Lots Love one . Maybe can look ard a bit more before you decide. Sometimes the colour that we like may not look nice for our skin tone.

    After I got this jade fever, I also steal glances at the jade pieces worn by others to see what colour they r wearing...
  11. So true! I always sneak peeks now... sometimes I even sneak pictures.... so bad. lol

    I really like the whites and paler colors, but I'm very envious of the ladies who got Edwards Blacks from jadedivers. I really want a wide black bangle with a low D profile. Having my black carved helps. I wear it a lot more than I expected to because it fits so well.

    Here's my black carved, Opeapea and my gray no-name.


    Here are some pictures of my pales that I don't think I've posted yet.


  12. Thank you for your opinion. I never considered pastels until all the wonderful action shots. It is a slippery slope with these jade beauties...start with one and before you know it, you have a whole collection!

    Yes, I am still going through the Jade photos only thread. I cant get enough of all the Jade eye candy! I do like the lavender tones and I appreciate you bringing up the carved styles as that could be another style option to consider. Do you still wear your first bangle?

    I have an olive skin tone and do wear darker colors more often. I think because I have young children and the grime that gets on me is more camouflaged:cool: I am leaning towards one maybe with floating flowers with a lighter backgound perhaps...but dont want it to be too busy either. However, thank you for reminding me to take my time. I really need to find one that sings to me. Funny how one acquires the eye for jade on people when you fall for this stone!

    Your bangles are beautiful and each has its own vibe and character. The more I see the pastels, the more I consider this an option for me. I adore the femininity about them. But then, the dark colors are so rich and more bold....oh boy, this will be a tough decision!

    Glad you both survived! :roflmfao:
  13. jade4me, u r too funny. :lol::roflmfao: :lolots:glad your tooth and pendant are ok :hugs::smooch:
  14. Thanks crosso, JKP, lxorajade, designergoods, fanofjadeite - I'm pretty sure my tooth is OK as nothing hurts and I don't see any obvious cracks or chips... I'll feel a little better after I survive my next regular checkup with my dentist... Gourdy/Erin is a heavy A grade jadeite pendant at nearly 17 grams, so my tooth couldn't have even made a scratch on her and could've truly been damaged by her. So it was silly of me to even worry about my pendant at all! I took off my rings before doing the cartwheel, wasn't worried about my jade bangle because I was on carpeting, but simply forgot I was wearing a heavy pendant! :sad: The pics are from yesterday wearing the said pendant and my latest jadeite bangle that I've named, Pandora.

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  15. As other jade sisters have mentioned, jade is such a personal choice. I recommend you take your time looking and when one calls out to you, try it. My own collection started with light/apple green and pastel opaque lavender, but now I prefer dark bangles. But I still wear my light color ones. I like changing them out depending on my mood and my outfits, so I personally prefer a variety of colors, widths, and having both princess rounds and D-shapes.
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