the JADE thread!

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  1. Okay after my own experience it's worth spending little more to get better quality you can really see a difference trust me
  2. What I've always loved about this forum is that we don't discriminate between what different people can afford or personal taste. I'm not comfortable with telling others to 'spend a little more' -- I think this should be a personal choice. I think there are different kinds of Jade for everyone -- so please, let's have more openness of mind and support on our lovely Jade forum.
  3. Hi Red!

    I think that's one of the rabbit holes of tPF... when I first started coming here I shopped at Ross for my jewelry and thought $50 was too much to spend on a purse. For purses, I peaked with LV and have a few H accessories. For jewelry, I stopped with vca... such a slippery slope!

    But yes... what I love love love about jade is that there is beauty at EVERY price point and every single piece is unique. Some of my least expensive pieces are my most favorite to wear.

    But! I do like to swap out my pieces a lot so I'm okay with a lot of variety in color, translucency, grain, stone lines, etc and that usually translates into a whole bunch of different price ranges. However, the more expensive the piece, the pickier I get. A person should definitely be okay with the balance of quality to price.

    I definitely have pieces I think were bargains for their price... and sometimes I've stretched for a bangle that called to me and that's okay, too.
  4. crosso, congrats on largo. she is so unique with the bits of blue. i havent seen anything like it before. LOVE IT!!! :love::tup:
  5. And here's a throwback pic just to show what I mean.


    The middle one is now my always-on 24/7 bangle & is the most expensive one of all my bangles.

    Left and right cost about the same. Left was my first bangle ever & although very opaque, is still my fave. Right has lovely even pale white & great translucency but a ton of internal flaws. I knew that before the purchase though, so I'm still pleased with the buy.

    Here's an overhead shot and slightly different lighting.

  6. This look terrif together! Love your carved.

    It's all I look at to collect now! lol
  7. I completely agree! There are beautiful jades to be found at all price points. I don't mind telling you the one I posted earlier today was only $70 and is grade a. Bargains are not as easy to come by, but are out there if you look long enough.

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  8. Agree with you too, JKP! You explained the balance so well!
    One of my most expensive was from Desire Treasures, but I was okay to stretch a bit, as I had never seen another carved rose bangle anywhere else and it called to me. I think my least expensive was "Purr", my grey bangle. Opaque and not a desirable color to many people, but I love it and wear it frequently!

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  9. Thanks, Fan! Nice to "see" you again! Regarding Largo, I think so too, but the best thing about this bangle is it reminds me so strongly of a happy place and time with my two favorite people 💖
  10. All so lovely, JKP!
  11. Thanks, JKP! I love your carved too, they are all beauties!!! I'm with you - I just find carved bangles so interesting, both visually and because of the meaning of the carving.
  12. Still waiting (not so patiently) . . . sigh . . . for this one. Why does it always seem to take so long???

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    Okay has for my last message I would hope I didn't offend anyone . It wasn't my intention I was just try to express my personal experience on Jade. Thank you for your understanding [emoji17]
  14. Well said Red. In my case I can spend more on a bangle, but I choose not to. I buy for my own comfort level in balancing price, quality, and how it calls to me. In the end I myself need to enjoy wearing it without worrying about breaking it (some on this thread know I've cracked a few within this past year!). Everyone has their own comfort level and budget, and I respect that. I love seeing everyone's jade at every price point!

    I love how I can buy a hunk of jade in a bangle form and it's a complete piece of jewelry! I don't need to get it set by a jeweler or artisan, string it, bead it, wire wrap it, buy other stones or metal jewelry findings for it, etc. No other stone do I enjoy as much in its pure form as jade. I know some ladies have lapiz, rose quartz, agate, etc. bangles. I may consider a really thick lapiz or quartz one someday but I'm hard on stone bangles... :sad:
  15. I agree with u you said it perfectly jade4me
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