the JADE thread!

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  1. hetian nephrite has its own beauty

    uli, you're back! so happy:happydance:
  2. +1:giggles:
  3. Thanks, Baghera :hugs:, but I did not post here. Obviously a moderator moved it here from another thread....
  4. Uli, your rock crystal ring is a honker!
    The new nephrite is to live for!!! Will it become a 24/7 and live permanently on your wrist?
  5. How weird! :wtf: this post wasn't posted here either.
    Must be a glitch or something. :confused1:
  6. This is a gorgeous ring! The color and polish are amazing and the diamond accents are nicely balanced. I am so envious!

    That's a great ring Uli! And the hetian jade is a nice creamy color and great width!

    I love the width and patterning on this. Makes me want to hunt out some wider bangles, too.
  7. Closing this thread due to length. Please continue the discussion here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.