the JADE thread!

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  1. The previous discussion was archived due to thread length, please continue here.

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    Also, please try and keep OFF TOPIC chat to a bare minimum as this thread moves very fast, we have provided a chat thread at the top of the forum! :tup:
  2. Yay! New thread! Thanks Swanky!

    To kick off... here's my small jade bits: earrings, pendants, bracelet... love!

  3. Hello dear jade sisters, I'm new to this forum and my interest in jade has been sparked off after browsing through the first few hundred pages of this thread. Hope to learn more from all of you.
  4. Hi, I'll be making a trip to Malacca next week and would like to browse for jade bangles.
    Any recommendations from the experts here?
    Many thanks.
  5. Junkenpo, your jade pieces are so lovely...
  6. JKP, I love your precious collection! I have the exact same tiger pendant, but it white jade! Mine isn't as pretty as yours but same design.
    Claire, your modeling shots are gorgeous and your hubby can sure pull off jade bangles. I"m looking for one for the bf now and once he sees your husbands, I'm sure he'll be excited.
    Jade Mama, Welcome to the forum!!
    I can't believe how fast this thread moves!
  7. Thank you, Teagansmum. :smile:
  8. May I know what's the difference between Grade A Jade and Type A jade? Thank you.
  9. Hi and welcome! Thanks for the compliments!

    I'd love to see yours in white! I think when I got mine, there were 2 more of the same design, just different colors! I've also seen a few other sellers with very similar design, but the carving is less quality. I also just noticed that the colors of this pendant matches quite nicely with The Big Jade. I'm thinking it The Big Jade might be too feminine, but it'll probably wind up as DS's when I'm old. lol
  10. For jade, most in the industry use the term "grade A" but I've seen some sellers say "type A" to describe jadeite jade that is undyed, unbleached, and non-polymer-injected.

    The term "jade" acceptably covers jadeite (hard jade) and nephrite (soft jade), although some sellers will call any pretty green or jade-like stone "jade" even if it is not.

    I always ask the seller to reconfirm that their "Grade A" or "Type A" jade is actually jadeite and not some other stone like serpentine or agate. Some sellers try to finesse and call their jade "natural jade" even if it is dyed or bleached because it is still jade stone, but is then grade B or even grade C.

    If a seller uses the term "type A" or "AAA jade" then I may pass over the seller if I cannot verify their photos or if they don't answer my questions.
  11. Lol a new thread :P
  12. Claire, beautiful pictures! I love your "old" bangles!!!! ;)

    Junkenpo, such great jewelry!
  13. Thank you so much, junkenpo. You have been most helpfu. :smile:
  14. Pendant from German ebay (15$). Very thick and heavy:

  15. Welcome, Jade Mama!
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Not open for further replies.
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