the JADE thread!

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  1. beautiful!

    Thank you so much for sharing the day with us. I would love to see that in person, but the next best thing is real pics from someone who was there.
  2. Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  3. Baghera thanks for sharing the beautiful pics! Looks like the weather was beautiful too
  4. Lotslove the colour of this bangle is so interesting and mysterious! Looks like blue mixed with black

  5. Lots love I love your collection so beautiful . Thank you for sharing your collection.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429877675.596554.jpg [emoji264][emoji264]springtime I's here [emoji261][emoji261] love jadeite [emoji262][emoji262][emoji259][emoji259]
  7. Tnx lotslove.Love your new bangle. It looks fantastic on u:smile:
  8. Sharing my fav vintage ring that my grandmother gave my mom. I'm borrowing it for a while hee

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  9. Do you all think that the jade looks like a green jellybean?

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  10. Molly, here is the Hetian jade bangle and a rock crystal ring:

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    OK, even I would say this MAY be too much..... ;)
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429962856.955070.jpg today's look enjoy your day [emoji254]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.