the JADE thread!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your preferences. It is a personal decision...just didnt know if some regretted certain issues or benefited from ones. I think the most challenging issue for me is trying decide the main color and from there certain characteristics like floating flowers, opacity, color evenness AND if I am getting the most out of my investment.
    May I ask if you ask certain questions before purchasing? What I have so far is for the seller to detail flaws such as internal or visible and surface-reaching stone veins, or cotton, fissures, nicks, chips, as well as to describe how the colors look to the eye. Any other suggestions I'd appreciate ;)
  2. Sometimes it is just trial and error.

    I think the hardest part for me was getting my sizing down. No one sells jade where I live, so trying to size myself was hard. My first bangle was just a little too big, but I still wear her occasionally. I purchased another bangle based on a picture and the assurance it was a certain inner diameter... but the seller's measurement wasn't accurate. lol The price was good, the jade was beautiful and the chime was so sweet, I wound up keeping it anyway.

    I found prefer princess bangles for the way they rock on the wrist, and my sweet spot for thickness of the round is 7mm for daintier bangles and 10-12mm thickness for chubby ones. The ones in the 8-9mm thickness usually just don't visually or weight-wise appeal to me. I can also go down in diameter more in a princess because it has less contact with the skin when going over the hand. 50.5 is my current smallest, but I think I could go down another 1mm... If they are 7mm, I go up to a 53mm, but in the chubby princess I prefer as close to 51mm or smaller.

    In D shape, my minimum is 51mm, and I prefer wider (16mm), with a 6mm thickness.

    I'm not as concerned with size when it comes to carved bangles... if I like the color and carving and price, then it's mine!

    As far as asking sellers questions... definitely ask anything that concerns you. I always ask any seller that I've never purchased from to confirm that the jade is untreated - no polymer, dyes, bleaching, etc. And to confirm a return policy for any treated jade. I ask about getting more pictures in different lighting... sometimes they do, sometimes not. Depending on the piece, sometimes I will make an offer if their price seems high for what's being offered.

    Sorry for the book! hope that helps! But for sure, take your time.... the right jade will surely call to you!
  3. Additions to your list of questions: how's the surface polish, i.e. are there any dull or rough spots, stone lines are common but can they be felt with a fingernail, how symmetrical is the shape as sometimes one side of the bangle can be nearly 1mm thinner than the other side, and as JKP has mentioned, too, sometimes the size is not accurately measured and I've received bangles with inner diameters that differed by more than 1mm from the advertised size. 1mm in a bangle can be a big deal in how it fits and feels on!
  4. Thank you dear for taking the time to respond :hugs:It was very helpful to read how different bangle cuts can change the overall fit and by changing sizes, going up or down just a few millimeters can make a whole difference in fit comfort. I noted additional questions to ask!

    Thank you as well:flowers: for mentioning surface polish quality, how symmetric the shape is and sizing accuracy in my list of questions. These are are important points that must be noted. I appreciate your time in helping out a fellow tpf'er on her quest to find the perfect jade bangle.

    A week ago I was lost in the dark on anything jade and now I feel more confident and knowledgeable to at least know what to look for and questions to ask to help ensure a smooth transaction.

    Thank you again to all :wave:
  5. My white princess arrived today! I am calling her "Snow White" (of course, what else? 😊). She is a bit more delicate than I expected, not quite the same width as my black jadeite bangle, but I think they will still look nice together, perhaps one on each wrist. Nice quality for the price. No stone lines, slightly translucent, but with a good bit of cotton in the stone. I am pleased with it and will enjoy wearing it!

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  6. Congrats crosso on Snow White! She's so pretty, dainty and pure looking!
  7. Thank you, J4Me! I like your Pandora, too! The pattern and color mix is so unique - very cool bangle!
  8. Snow White is a beauty! Very pretty with the black bangle as well :tup: Maybe its the lighting but looks like she has slight lavender undertones?
  9. Congrats on ur new bangle Crosso! So pretty and delicate looking
  10. Thanks, DG and Lxora!!
    DG, I think it must just be the lighting - or maybe the shadow of the 'cotton' texture that makes it look as if it has a grey/lavender tinge in the pic, but it looks pure white in person.
  11. Wow! Really pretty! Love that suite of white jade, great combo!
  12. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1429618482.855368.jpg aura my dream jadeite bangle
  13. I'm trying this velvet lined display tray to store my bangles. The tray will be stored in a drawer or on a low cabinet shelf behind a closed door. My bangles range from 51mm (the hinged one) to 58mm for reference. You can see some of my princess bangles don't lay flat in its compartment, but they are still below the top of the tray. My D-shapes mostly fit flat except for my chunkiest ones. In case anyone wants to know, I bought the tray from and it was shipped to the U.S. from China.

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  14. what a lovely collection:ps:
  15. Very nice, J4Me! But what will you do with any new bangles you'll buy? Surely, you're not done 😨 LOL!
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