the JADE thread!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'd recently gotten a bit obsessed with jade and am so glad to have found the jade threads on this forum. A few months ago I thought jade was only green! But realised from this forum that no jade is identical! Love looking at all different colours of jade from here :smile:
  2. Here's a pic of my first bangle

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  3. Soooooooooo pretty!!!!
  4. Thank you Red! This bangle is a bit big for me. I didn't know then, that smaller bangles are more comfortable to wear and won't bang ard so much.
  5. Welcome and your bangle is gorgeous! Is it a princess shape or a skinny D-shape? I was guessing the former!
  6. Gorgeous!!! What a lovely, delicate shade of lavender. Great choice, congrats!
  7. Thanks for the welcome Jade4me. It's a skinny D. looking back at the pic...It does look like a princess! Maybe it's due to the camera angle
  8. Wearing "Snowdrop" today, as it is a very spring-like bangle I think

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  9. Woo ..."snowdrop" is pretty! Is this colour considered 'moss in snow' jade?
  10. Loving everyone's pics! I'm still catching up from a very busy week. Here's a couple pics of one of my light color Hetians from the other day. They were taken at the same time at the same place, but the color can show up quite different depending on the lighting and angle! She matched my purse more in person than what the pic shows.

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  11. Lovely color on that! Skinny Ds are very comfy to wear and much easier to get on and off in smaller diameters.

    I really like the color contrast. The dark on the light is such a nice visual variety.

    The width on this one looks great, nice even coloring! It's neat to see how much jade color depends on lighting... and how the camera and computer screen settings affect it!
  12. Hi JKP! I fell in love with your Smoke the first time I ever saw it on the PF and it's still one of my fav princess bangles ever! I thought of you recently when I went for a run wearing one of my bigger heavier jadeite bangles (Regina - mottled grey & black). That was a mistake as it was bouncing on my wrist and hand too much and my skin was red from it! I was marveling at how you could run that marathon last summer with not one, but 2 bangles on! But you're able to get a very close fit and I can't because of my bigger hand size compared to my wrist. If I was just fitting my wrist I could wear 49-50mm, but my hands are in the way! ;)
  13. it's a beauty!:woohoo:
  14. Your bangle is so pretty, I love the color. Wear it in good health.
  15. Oooooo, this is beautiful, J4Me! So creamy looking - good enough to eat!
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