the JADE thread!

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  1. @Red

    You have my prayers and thoughts from a fellow jade enthusiast. I don't know what happened, but there are many kinds of men out there. Hell, I'm a man with a passionate love toward Jade :P.

    Please take care of yourself!
  2. Hi James!
    You saw the matching pair of Edwards black bangles my husband and I got for our anniversary. He's so smitten with the bangle that he insists we do it again next anniversary. I asked him how he's going to wear the new one and he said he plans on wearing it together with the black. He's going to stack! So if you ever feel like it, know that there is another guy stacking too lol!
  3. Here here!! :smile:
    The great deals are out there. You just have to be constantly looking and have much patience. I have too much time on my hands at work. It's fun to jade window shop with sellers.
  4. I actually can't say I have! Can you link me the post?! Oh my!

    You now have my bracelet stuck in my mind again... How dare you!!!!! I want to wear it so badly...
  5. Now I want mine more. It is so gorgeous! Does that run up and down your arm or did you get the D shaped style so it restricts the movement factor?
  6. James, they were the black pair on Allan's Facebook page that JKP linked....ok I'm going to post some fresh modeling shots when he gets home.
    Hey, we all stir each other's jade passions! The excitement is fun...enjoy the pleasure And the pain lol!
  7. Too cute!!! LOL
    You'll never forget this waiting period. it'll make you love your bangle so much more! ;)
    You'll fall over when you see Claire's husbands bangle. Gorgeous!
  8. They are D shapes. His is a 74mm which is tight to get on, but has a nice slide up and down the arm. We both prefer this over the stuck in one position look. I'm sure that would make me kinda panic!
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    Oh, guess what?? Speckles has been replaced. :faint:
    Never thought it would happen, but Hello Kitty has found a permanent spot on my left wrist.
    I feel so bad for Speckles.
  10. Thank you Claire for the suggestion of yoga / dance -- I am receiving treatment from my massage therapist / healer and it is transformative (and has been for the last few years, I think she has helped me arrive slowly at this stage in my life).

    Thank you Tea, for helping me believe. Right now I'm not thinking of anyone but myself. I have to get strong and get happy.

    Thank you Dingo, for reminding me that there are many men out there. Haha.

    I know it will take time and lots of patience. I can wait. I have all the time in the world.
  11. You would call your bangle hello Kitty :smile:

    I just need to focus on my studies. Today was awesome went to photography club and met many new Taiwanese friends but all these thoughts were no longer relevant when I returned and started reading these comments!

    Everyone who comments in my Chinese says it so adorable because I phrase things like a baby. This is entirely unintentional. I've also been told the way I act with things is a lot like a baby. Why am I cursed like this.

    Will my jade actually protect me or rather save my ever-so-existent curse?
  12. So pretty, Claire! The pale bluish green donut I bought from the same seller - $12! Said 100% Grade A, but who knows. It does not have amy pitting or crazing and is a moist, plump little donut. I am picky about banglea being grade A now, but cute cheap little pendants and earrings, not so much. I've paid much more for costume jewelry, so am happy either way. This seller has some nice looking, very affordable things. Your leaf looks very even and moist! Enjoy!
  13. OMG, Kitty is sooooooo close to my dream bangle!! Good thing you found her first, Tea!😉 just kidding - I'm thrilled for you!
  14. I think your jade will make you strong to be who you are with confidence and not to worry about what others say about you. I think you have a sweet innocence to you and that's something you should keep.
    If you look at my Hello Kitty bangle, you may see a kitty with standing ears in it like I do and some others on the forum, thus her name, Hello Kitty. :smile:
  15. She has others :graucho:
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