the JADE thread!

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  1. Here are some fresh shots from today. Here is my husband with his iron bracelet and Edward's Black bangle. Today I felt like wearing a lot so I wore Moonglow with Honeydew and Genesis, and of course the Yukon Snow with the Edward's Black on the other wrist. Also, here is a quick pencil drawing I did at work lol! The other clients were drawing....and I was dreaming of jade!




  2. Actually, I've made a few of these drawings of the hand and the bangles at work. The women who work there are fascinated with them even though they don't know jade, so I have been giving them away. I've got some hanging around my office lol!
  3. Claire, very calm drawing. Love the artistic side of you. And those bangles just go well together. Your husband's bangles are matching too.

    Red, thank you for sharing the poem. Very nice.
  4. Thank you very much GS! I have been doing lots of drawings lately...which feels great. I teach some of the clients art through art classes, so I get to draw during those times. Makes me really happy!

    In the Spring, he will be wearing 2 bangles and the iron bracelet.
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    Red, I like your stacks, especially the way that red looks with Red Mansions. Very lovely :smile:

    Jade4me, you are so right, con man is a better word to describe so many sellers out there!

    I also understand about not wearing certain bangles as often once new ones come. After Tea wrote about Speckles having been replaced by Hello Kitty, I started thinking about how I have done this too. Especially with Honeydew and I made a point to wear them today. Ladies, I think it's inevitable, but I still love them and feel good knowing that they are there when I'm ready to wear them. And we all go through different phases, so we might move back to wearing certain ones a lot in the future again.

    Crosso, glad to hear about your blue-green doughnut pendant coming from the same vendor, PreciousJadeite. I would love to see it again. Just by looks, I'm pretty sure the pendants are A grade. I agree, their prices are extremely reasonable.
  6. Hello dear jade sisters, I'm new to this forum and my interest in jade has been sparked off after browsing through the first few hundred pages of this thread. Hope to learn more from all of you.
  7. Clairejune, your bangles are absolutely gorgeous!
  8. Thread is now archived due to length, new thread here.
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