the JADE thread!

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  1. The previous discussion was archived due to thread length, please continue here.

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  2. Woo! Jade thread #3! And best thing is we're mostly on topic. :biggrin:

    So here is a picture of Smoke and Super Green with a side view of my monkey pendant. I love that pendant, best impulse buy ever. Lighting is natural, indoor near a window.

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  3. Thanks Claire.
  4. Super nice JKP!!!!!!!! Love your beautiful jades.
  5. So far I have only purchased 4 bangles and it looks like from dubious sources. :sad: These are photos of my other 2 bangles. The round one may actually be A grade and I've named it Spring Green because its fresh green color reminds me of spring. I never thought to name my bangles until finding this forum. :smile:

    This D-shape one is definitely treated and was sold to me as such - too bad since it was my very 1st bangle purchase. But I knew nothing about jadeite treatment and so when the seller (at a long ago Gem & Jewelry show and so I have no recollection of who she was with) said it was "heat treated", I thought it didn't sound so bad because I knew some gemstones were commonly heat treated to improve/change their color, e.g. quartz, aquamarine, etc. Only when I learned about jadeite treatments later did I realize the so-called "heat treatment" was probably B+C, or at the very least B. I've now named it, BnC. (I don't have names yet for the 2 D-shape bangles I posted pics of earlier.)

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  6. Very pretty especially the green one. So fresh looking.
  7. Beautiful!!! Smoke is my favorite :loveeyes:
  8. NYC Princess,
    I agree with the ladies, if you not love the bangle better don't buy it.
    I believe you will find something that will make you really in love with, Good luck!!!
  9. Tks for sharing jade4me. You love light colors. And these are pretty. I see you also have a small wrist. So do i. Most of the time i have to push the bangle higher up to stay in place when doing chores and cooking.
  10. Love your photography skills jkp. Especially presenting true colors of jade.
  11. Dynasty, how do you kill time these days waiting for Indian Summer? ;)
  12. Jade4me, just wondering where you are from. :what:
  13. Thank you everyone for your warm welcome and for your comments on my bangles! I'm so excited to find a jade forum! It was by accident when I was curious if Jadeisus was still in business. 3 of my 4 bangles that I've posted pics of were from him 10+ years ago. BnC was bought even before that. Spring Green is probably my prettiest to look at, but it's too big and the round isn't as comfortable for me. Maybe I should buy a bangle stand for it instead of letting it sit lonely in a box. I could probably find one on ebay.

    I'm an American born Chinese living in sprawling midwest suburbia where there is virtually no one I can share my love of jade with. I don't have any family nearby as they are mostly either east or west coast. When I do see family, my siblings and cousins don't seem to be interested in jade - only my aunties are (my parents are both deceased). But because my Chinese language skills are so bad from having been raised in suburbia with no Chinese friends or schools nearby, it limits my discussions with my aunties. But they can tell I love jade! And high karat gold, too! And all jewelry of all sorts! ;)

    Thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge and your pics. I'm sure I'll be inspired to add to my humble collection sometime - maybe sooner than later! Who is Allan that I've seen mentioned in some threads?

    Druzy, your new bangle is gorgeous! Is it Nephrite? From your comments, it's not jadeite, correct?

    Tiffins, it's true my jade bangles so far are light in color, which is why I'm now drawn to darker colors and those with dramatic contrasts. I like the white/grey /black ones, too.

    Junkenpo, lovely jade and my eyes are especially drawn to Smoke!

    Clairejune, that dream bangle pic you posted is gorgeous and would fit me! :smile: But alas I can only admire from afar since I don't have the budget for such a beauty.

    Have a wonderful day or night jade sisters! :smile:
  14. Welcome to the thread, Jade4Me! :smile:
  15. Jade4Me,
    Welcome to the thread! May I ask which state are you from? I totally understand if you don't want to disclose.

    Thanks for the kind note. Yes, I'm not 100% but feel a bit better. The kids have dentist appointment that was scheduled from months ago, so have to go and drive around a bit today.

    I know this is very late but... Your YS is so beautiful!! Congrats. And, I love Mossy :heart:

    One question for those experienced with Jojo. A few days ago I saw a bangle on and it looks very similar to NYCP grayish green "Monet". I emailed NYCP and we found out that it IS NYCP's bangle! Funny thing is it's still listed as *available* on but SOLD OUT on I used to go to jadefinejewelry to browse around, but now moved to jojojade. Is jojojade more accurate than jadefinejewelry then? If I see something I'm interested in, I don't want to get my hopes up then later find out that it's already sold out. Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

    OK, need to order that 10x loop now. Bye, jade sisters...
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