the JADE thread!

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  1. I am forever to be a baby :smile: but then again am a man.

    I wonder what the name of this bracelet would be. You already stole a name I was thinking about, you evil!

    Should it be a guy or girl name?
  2. You were going to name your bangle Hello Kitty? I'm sorry. You still can you know.
    Some of us have twin bangles. We can have twin names. ;)
    You won't know until you get your bangle if it will feel like it deserves a guy or gals name.
    Oh, the anxiety of the wait. :sad:
  3. Hi all!

    Love all the photos... Red, great family shots of your jades! What a great collection. Hugs to you on your journey.

    James, how about Dear Daniel for your bangle name? Or maybe Charmy Kitty. lol There are many options. I've even switched names for my bangles after some wear.
  4. PM me Tea!
  5. OK, ladies, there is a new thread "The travelling bangle".
    I am curious to see Courage on Molly´s arm....
  6. If someone wants to post the picture of Courage there, please do!
    As you know I have difficulties to post it.....
  7. Could you please post the link so that Ii can book mark it? Thank you!
  8. Just got into work and pmed you. :smile:
  9. Courage

    Carved from the rough, our jade
    bangle begins her journey. Worn
    on bare arm, cool skin to skin,
    one sister to another. So many

    wishes and so many hopes,
    we wear Courage for the world
    to see. Inside and out, we are strong.
    Every day the sun rises a little higher.

    RedPeony / Eileen Chong
  10. Today's stacks:


    Cinnabar bangle, Dream of Red Mansions, watch

    Red Peonies, cinnabar bangle

    'hello kitty' moneybags earrings
  11. And my power animal:


    The ocelot
  12. Claire: I did not post photos because I couldn't save them from the eBay listing on my phone so I was going to try on my PC and then I forgot. Lol. Here's the eBay link:

    The one tea got is the other one I was considering so I'm super glad tea got it so I can see mod photos!

    Uli: wow! I can't believe UJ gave us the bangle for free and it's gorgeous!!! We have sent her a lot of business... Maybe she knows that? =) I love supporting small shops that offer great buying experiences!

    Red: hang in there and remember that courage poem is for u too. :hug:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.