the JADE thread!

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  1. New hat means a new beginning?
  2. Ladies, I found a seller called PreciousJadeite on etsy which seems to carry mostly A grade pendants. Anyway, this leaf was listed for 4$! I think it's a typo, but i ordered it! I was compelled to check this out lol!

    icy leaf.jpg
  3. Red, I have tears streaming down my face as I recall the same feelings when I left before. I had to leave two men and the feelings were the same each time. One abusive, the other we just became brother and sister more than a relationship.
    There was the fear of never finding love again, fear of being a single women in a big world, fear that I just wouldn't make it.
    The tears I have are of memories of that fear, but also happy tears that I made it and stronger than I ever was before! The tears are that you are going to be so happy again once you get through this terrifying time. It's all about you now Red. You will find your happy place again and you are the most lovable lady I know!! Men come and go. Friends are forever! There will be a man down the road, when the time is right, who will steal your heart again and you will make sure he is a kind man that loves you back the same. You'll make it happen. xo
  4. Well, after a lot of hassle, due to the post office hours changing ect..
    Tada! She came and she's more beautiful than the photos show! The crack the seller said she had was nothing more than a thin stone line that can't even be felt. I love how purple her color is mixed with the light greens. It's such a dreary day so my camera makes her look a bit sad and not bright and glowing.
    Hello Kitty!! :smile:

  5. Red, your jade family album is amazing! You did so well choosing all your pieces! I'm so impressed.
    GS, your dream pendant is surely a dream! The colors! Oh my!
    I love the traveling bangle and how thoughtful of Nandar. She really put a lot of thought into picking a special one for you all. I can't wait for her to start her adventure.
    Claire, if you miss the chance of the green bangle you may never get her out of your mind.
    I can't believe you got your pendant for $4.00! I love those deals! You did wonderful. She looks expensive in the photo.
    Here is a link to the Hetian bangle I bought. It looks creamy on my monitor, but on the bf's computer it looks more Yellow. I'm hoping it's not too yellow.
  6. Tea, the hetian is gorgeous! I love this color. It is actually a very complex color and one would have to use many other colors to create this kind of green. It is a warm olive, earth green tempered and cooled by just the right amount of grey. It reminds me so much of the groves of olive trees which clung to the steep cliffs of red earth by the sea in Italy. The color is so evocative! Dreamy and grounded together. I doubt it will be too yellow-ish because of the complexity, and it might also be a color shifter depending on lighting.

    The new one is fabulous too! The green marks in one area are very energetic looking, as if they are the curved lines of a vortex. And the lavender is quite strong . I think it's beautiful. Great job Tea!!!

    Thanks for the comps on the leaf! I hope they just send it and don't write back saying that it's really 40$ lol! I am thinking that maybe I'll give it as a Christmas gift.
  7. AJ, did you post pics of your coming bangle? If so, I missed them. Would you please repost? (only if you want!)
  8. They can't write anything back Claire. If it was their error, they have to honor it. ;)
    Thank you for letting me know on your monitor my bangle is olive color. That was the color I was going for. Jade4me got hers and they are absolutely gorgeous! She inspired me on this one. :smile:
    I asked the seller a lot of questions and no scratches, or rough spots, but he did say there are stone lines that can not be felt and I'm fine with that. For that price, can't go wrong. The certificate is authentic too. ;)
  9. That's great to know tea! Now I'm happy about the leaf! There is no question that yours is real. Gosh it's gorgeous. Would love to have one of this type someday.
  10. Tea, I love both of your bangles!

    Claire, THAT is a bargain!

    Red, Courage is more than 59mm. Molly should know the exact size.
  11. Hi Uli! What a chance discovery this was. Def one of the best jade deals I've gotten so far.
  12. IF jade was that cheap.....
    We would post many new things each day!!!
  13. Thanks for the great pictures, Red!!
    I LOVE your fish earrings.
  14. I know Uli. I just started thinking about jade karma...,maybe this has an energy which I need. Thinking about the idea that jade finds the right owner.
  15. For this price many jades would find me!! ;)

    The leaf definitely finds a great home, Claire!!
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