The FedEx Guy is Here (I LOVE HIM!) and with him, my Menthe Tahitienne!


Aug 22, 2006
Wow! what a lovely color!
As for the's because of the combination of the fabric being textured, lining, following the measurement from the edge, as well as the pressure used by the sewer to seeam the bag.

On mine, it's not jagged but you could tell where the seamstress pulled/pushed the fabric through the sewing machine. Some parts look like ------ and other parts look like ________.
I still have yet to post pics! your iphone cam is great! great pics! Congratz!


somebody stop me!
Jan 23, 2006
I love this bag, and I really love this color!:love:
I have the beige and now I'm thinking that I need the menthe one as well!

Your stitching looks like it was done by a drunken LV employee! LOL:drinks::drinkup:
I'll have to check mine to see what kind of condition it's in.

This color and size looks great on you as well.
Enjoy her
You are all awesome :love: I'm so glad I get to share this with you! Nobody else understands! :lol:

Thank you for the compliment on the hibiscus by the way! :tup: I LOVE that plant... it's my favorite flower, and since I bought that baby at Lowe's I have new blooms every day! It's a pity they don't last longer! I just thought... Tahitienne... Hibiscus... let's make some LV art here! :graucho:


Sleep With Your Bag?
Apr 4, 2008
I could not love that bag more! Congrats. I am uber-jealous.

BTW - I would be raising hell with LV about that stitching though! :sad: