The FedEx Guy is Here (I LOVE HIM!) and with him, my Menthe Tahitienne!


Aug 22, 2006
:yahoo: :roflmfao: My SO said, "Hey, is that a new bag?" (all our finances are separate so he doesn't know when I buy new things, and he usually doesn't even notice!) and I said, "Oh, no, I just never carry it. It's a spring-summer bag." He said, "I don't remember seeing it," and then I said, "Well, i keep it stored in its' dustbag so dust won't make it dingy. It's been on the top shelf of the closet forever! You know me. I've got tons of bags you've never seen." and he said, "That's true. OK! Cool."

:roflmfao: Wonder if he'll notice the Watercolor Pap?

That's hilarious! You sound just like a friend of mine. Her BF was starting to notice new bags, so she said the same things. After a while, when it looked like he was catching on to the amount of bags she was buying, she would put some actual purses in their boxes without the dustbags temporarily. Then stuff the dustbags with old jeans/stuffed animals/anything to make it look like there was a bag in it. Then when she gets her new bag, she puts that its' place..:graucho::roflmfao: So's worked for almost a year!!!!