The FedEx Guy is Here (I LOVE HIM!) and with him, my Menthe Tahitienne!

Mar 26, 2007
Raiding PBC's closet... shh!
Yes, I love the FedEx man! :yahoo: OK, well a lot of you know that if I hated this bag I was going to return it and use that money toward the Aquarelle Papillon.

Not happening. I'm in LVOE! I'll just have to bust open my bank account, get the aquarelle, then be CUT OFF for the rest of the year!

They only found five of these left in the system when I called to order one-- the green is rare, I guess? Regarding the "Is it LE or Permanent?" discussion, I was also told by CS and two SA's that this line is replacing the Antigua, but it's only here for this summer, so it's kind of LE but they're making plenty of the other colors. Apparently green was the only color they didn't make many of. This one was made in France, too-- most of the ones I've been seeing have said Spain.

This bag is so stunning in person. The gold hardware is blindingly bright and the white leather is so pretty! And I LOVE the interior! I don't have colored bags (except for one red coach) so this is really just popping my eyes out-- a welcome change from brown and black!!!

I took these pictures with my iPhone-- I must say I'm impressed at the quality!

Anyway, presenting.... my Menthe Tahitienne PM!!!!

SIZE REFERENCE: My Speedy 25 is inside it here and there is still PLENTY of room for other stuff!

Modeling pics coming!



Lovin' LV
Feb 17, 2008
Oh, I think your bag is soooo gorgeous! The menthe is beautiful! What a gorgeous color. Congrats! I really love this bag in that color. Really, really beautiful!


Sep 29, 2007
Sasktoon, SK
Razor, are you sure about not returning it? (because of the stitching) Because I think if you paid that much for it, it should be perfect. Is it really noticeable? Can you take pics? If it's not so bad and it doesn't bother you, then congrats again on a beautiful bag. But if it does start to bug you, you should try to exchange it. IMO anyway.