The FedEx Guy is Here (I LOVE HIM!) and with him, my Menthe Tahitienne!

I hope you can see what I mean by the uneven stitching. On one pic it's obviously like ____-----___ and then on the others it's like /\-/--\--/ ... hard to describe.

It's good and tight though, and you don't see it unless you stick your nose up to the bag. It doesn't bother me since it's not contrast stitching. But since I've seen some heated debates about lack of quality and loads of price increases, I thought I'd post it :smile:

Again, they are taken with my iphone, so these are the best I can get :smile:
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Sep 29, 2007
Sasktoon, SK
You're right razor, I'm not sure I would even notice it unless it was right up to my face. And it's a good thing they didn't use contrast stitching like you said but that is pretty unfortunate.
Betty, yeah, I had to really really study it-- I do that with my bags. I go over every piece of hardware to make sure it's not scratched and every corner to make sure it's not used :lol: I'm a nazi! If it was contrast stitching I'd say something and probably return it, but I'm fine with it. I just think it's beautiful :love:


Tinker's Realm
Apr 14, 2008
Beautiful Pacific Wonderland!
The stitching is the same on my GM & it does not bother me - I think it is just following the natural nub in this fabric texture.
I am curious what size mono do you have inside this bag? I will post a pic of my speedy inside of the GM but am thinking I should get the PM to carry as a purse and the GM as a carryon type bag. What do you think? Just pass and go on to collect a different style? I do like how my MC speedy look with it in a weird way - The lavender is the same color as in the speedy.



loves pink!!!
Jan 26, 2007
Oh why must you enable me more? Now that I know the menthe colour is limited, I kinda want it! I am dying to see the green IRL, so glad you are happy with yours!
^^IRL it's so stunning against the white. I think it's going to go with EVERYTHING. I'm wearing a black skirt and flats with a black tank and a blue, pink, beige and white striped Oxford shirt today, and it actually looks good with this bag! The light color is sage green and the dark is like evergreen. :girlsigh: