the amarante clutch!!! *PIC*

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  1. does this style come in other vernis colour :yahoo:

    i love this !!!!
  2. Love it !! Thanks for posting the pic!! I def want to purchase it!!
  3. This bag is AU$1070 for anyone interested in Australia.
  4. thanks TFFC ... do you know when it will be coming out for aus?? mid-june i believe???

    and what is the demension like?? is it just a similar size as a pochette?

  5. yes, perle. and i know i can't wait. DEFINITELY getting this in amarante.

  6. thanks so much vuittonamour :smile: will it come in pomme d'amour too?? or just two colours?
  7. I talked to customer service just then but forgot to ask about dimensions....(as I don't really care it's just too gorgeous :P). She said it "should be" released later this month.

    Argh, what to get first! Vernis, Neverfull, LVOE...:nuts:
  8. this i do not know. *JJ* was the one with all the info, but only confirmed those two colors. i think pomme may be a longshot but would be nice. i think it would look better in amarante though.
  9. it's soo gorgeous!! :love:
  10. Thanks for the info. It's such a gorgeous clutch & beautiful colour as well :heart:
  11. thanks for the pic! I really like this; depending on the size, I just might have to get the chain strap, the plaque, the removability of the strap...

    How limited is this? Because I really want to pick up a love2 tote as well; wonder which to get first?
  12. Omg i love it.
  13. Thanks for the pics - It's stunning.:nuts: I hope I don't end up wanting more bags in this colour.
    My poor Visa card.:sweatdrop:
  14. WOW!!!! What a beauty!!!!!
  15. Holy smokes!! This bag is super gorgeous! I LOVE this Amarante color!! No vachetta --- can it get any better than this????

    (Oh wait --- it could, if it were a wee bit bigger. LOL)

    Gotta ask my SA about this bag!