the amarante clutch!!! *PIC*

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  1. It's stunning!!!
  2. Looks like it's pretty close the to the size of the Shirley or Beverly clutch... 10 x 5 x 1???:shrugs:

  3. love it!
  4. WOW the colour and style is gorgeous! go for it! make me jelous haha
  5. Oh, nice:drool:LV needed elegant cluth! I didn't like aumoniere
  6. OMG that is stunning!! So elegant. I love the new script on the logo plate. :drool:
  7. its soooooo pretty i want one too.
  8. WOW thats looks gorgeous! The colour looks so much nicer in this pic. Oh, and the placque on the front is so pretty!

    Frozen_Alaska - ur right definitely jolly rancher! Do they still make those?? Not seen them in years...
  9. Pretty bag!!! I really want to see this IRL :drool:
  10. *jaw drops* must..... own...... this.........
  11. Does anyone know the measures of this? I was also wondering how it would look like a wristlet if one attatched the strap to one of the D-rings... :graucho:
  12. what a beatiful bag!
  13. :drool: It's sooo pretty! Love the color and it's so practical too!
  14. ohhh black cherry? sounds delish and looks just as good :biggrin: and wow, removable straps? that's perfect! i love items that have removable straps..way more appealing because i always feel like i'll be getting my money's worth since i could wear/use it in different ways and events
  15. It's so pretty! I really like the style of the bag!