the amarante clutch!!! *PIC*

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  1. oh. oh. so getting that. no need of a wallet! my SA just called me back. release date is june 15th tentitively. yep. i'll be calling her back for the pre-sale form tomorrow. will be picking it up at the end of the month!
  2. woo hoo!~ i just put my name down for this and the lady said i was the 2nd person to waitlist for it at the beverly LV. yeay!~ But the lady said it was most likely gonna be out in July.
  3. hmm. interesting. my SA spoke with her manager and said june 15. i'll guess we'll find out. but the later the better for me. i want to be able to go in there and buy more stuff at the same time! lol.
  4. :drool: Very classy! Didn't read through all the pages, but if it is in fact $750, that's not bad at all! I've heard about amarante, but had never seen a pic! Thanks!
  5. Yay! I'm sure you will, but please post pics when you get it! :yahoo:
  6. OMG this is exactly what i've been looking for!! thank you soooo much for the inside pic! its lovely inside and out even to the shoulder straps!! i'm in LOVEEE i love this colour too and i can use it as a wallet i was JUST thinking about buying the pouchette wallet, but this is even better, like a wallet, clutch, shoulder bag all in one!! i wish i could go down to lv and waitlist it, or can i just call them? cause i can make it down there this week i have to wait untill the 14th to go down there, is this gonna be around for awhile? or very limited? >< thanks i don't wnat to miss out on this one =(
  7. YES, SA confirmed $750 USD. awesome. i was gonna get a roxbury but then saw this and it totally rocked my world. especially since it's over $100 less! YAY :smile:
  8. everybody want one.. me tooo!!! :nuts::yahoo:

  9. You can just call them and waitlist yourself for one. I asked the SA who put me down on the list if this is a limited edition and she said yes which is why I gave her all my CC info. so i can be sure to get mine. ^^
  10. this is super nice
  11. what a gorgeous clutch! I love this cherry color. =b...........
  12. wow stunning:drool:
  13. It's a nice bag! Great for evenings & parties. Too bag it can't fit much though.
  14. OH no, now im a bit put off, it looks TINY!!! Just some cc slots and a zip, oh no!!!
  15. I want that