the amarante clutch!!! *PIC*

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  1. Nice, nice!!
  2. Very pretty! :yes:
  3. WOW.

    We've got a winner! I can't wait to see this IRL.
  4. Nice!! Anybody know how much in USD yet??
  5. i prefer this style more than the bowler...
  6. I am starting to like this color more and more.
  7. This is what I want in Amarante.
  8. oh my gosh, i lost my breath! that is so amazinggg.
  9. What a stunning bag .. I LOVE it .. will it be of limited release?? the plate, the colour, the strap ..LOVE it:heart:
  10. I love the LV plate on this bag...

  11. is this bag going to be limited like the shophie? or is it going to be around as long as the colour is around? it soooo cute!! i love it!! and i think can use it as a wallet tooo.
  12. MMMMMMMMMMMmm.. that's gonna be one HOT clutch.

    I am madly in love with the front plaque... :love:
  13. Beautiful clutch! That color is divine and I love the plaque on the bag a retro touch...:love: Perfect evening bag!
  14. Oh>>fab!!!
  15. That is absolutely gorgeous!