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  1. Hi dsrk

    I will be in Toronto (so Canada) for this semester. So put me in the Canada list! Thanks!
  2. Excellent Sara!!! :tup:

    I honestly have no idea how long this will take to arrive to you. Once my order arrives, I will mail the swatches either the same day or the next to a fellow PF member in the US.

    If everyone else can do the same, this will help expedite viewing, touching, smelling.

    Someone in the US must be willing to mail to Canada, and someone in Canada must be willing to mail to the UK.

    And, just so everyone knows, Ashley specifically requested that these swatches be returned to her as they have limited numbers of swatches and they need every single one so they can forward them to other prospective buyers.

    Thanks everyone for understanding and participating ~ this will be both fun and exciting!!! :yes:
  3. Thanks tenmosquito!

    Will you please let me know when your semester ends? I don't know how long it will take for the leather swatches to circulate here in the US before arriving to you in Canada and am trying to work out the transit time logistics in my head.

    Many thanks! :flowers:
  4. all i can suggest when mailing internationally is to do it registered post that way you can track it so you know it hasn't gotten lost
  5. Thank you for the excellent idea sara!!! :yes:
  6. I'm on a list some where for the swatches, after Circoit. Is this a totally different swatch list? I'd love to see the ones mentioned at the beginning of the thread. Tack me in at the end.
  7. Add me too!! I am in Canada as well.
  8. Could I be added to the swatch list please? I would really like to see some of these colors before I buy a bag!
  9. h82bl82 ~ yes, this is a completely differently circulation list and you're added! As we'll tack you in at the end, would you mind forwarding the swatches to the the first viewer in Canada (TBD)?

    kings_20 ~ you're added! At the moment, there are at least a couple other Canadian ladies (tenmosquito, lccsue).

    karenina ~ you're added as well! Are you in the US or Canada?

    Ladies, please PM me your mailing info, as I will include this list with the swatches (if nobody minds).

    Ashley asked me to collect everyone's name/address, so we can keep track of the swatches to ensure they make it back to her.

    Oh yeah, my order shipped via Royal Mail so it will take a bit longer before the swatches arrive.
  10. I am in the US, southern US that is!;) Are you going to try to organize it so that it starts on one side of the country and moves to the other? It might be quicker that way. I am on the east coast and if I sent it to someone on the west coast that would take several days but if you say started on the west coast and it made it way over to the east coast it might be quicker that way! Just my opinion though! :smile:
  11. Yes, excellent point, which I was thinking about rather than a wide back-and-forth time-consuming zig-zag...I'm in New England on the east coast. So far, you are the one closest to me, although savvy23 asked to view them next.

    Perhaps it would be best to start on the east coast and move across the US to the west, then these get mailed to Canada on their west coast and move across back to the east.

    Just remember, whoever gets them last within the US is responsible for mailing them to Canada.

    And, whoever views them last in Canada is responsible for mailing them to sara999 across the pond in the UK.

    sara999 will post them back to Ashley @ BE, unless, of course, there is another interested party in the UK who wishes to view them and return them to Ashley.

    Are these terms we can all agree upon?

    Please let me know, OK?
  12. Im in PA....just let me know where I am on the list :smile:
  13. Can you put me on the list? I'm in Chicago. Ashley told me this was probably the only way I can see the samples. <sigh>

    I have to say this is disappointing, that the customers have to organize, coordinate, mail, etc. samples to each other in order to purchase one of her bags...that's not right. :tdown:
  14. Please PM your mailing info, thanks!
  15. You're on the list! Please PM me your mailing info. :yes:

    Please know I volunteered to do this, as it actually makes it easier for everyone. There are an extremely limited number of leather samples (that must be returned to Ashley @ BE), and it will take much longer if they are mailed to a prospective US or Canadian buyer, returned to London, and then re-mailed to another US or Canadian buyer, returned to London again, etc.

    So, actually, this saves time, and I also view it as a bonding sort of adventure between us BE ladies, KWIM?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.