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  1. ^^ I think it is very nice of you to coordinate this dsrk - thanks so much!
  2. I do appreciate that you offered to organize this. I just don't think you should have to. Adventure?? Sorry, if anything, Ashley or Jackie should be doing this.

    I had just ordered two not inexpensive bags from Jackie, and I simply don't know why there are (A) limited samples of swatches (how hard can cutting swatches and collecting them beforehand be? Especially when you offer that service on your website, and you know people will be requesting them?) and (B) the company should be courting US and trying to please US...not the other way around. What if the potential customer is not a member of the Purse Forum? I guess they don't get to see samples...

  3. Well my semester is done - and my home is in Toronto so I will be here.
    BUT - It must get to me by June, I am leaving on holiday at the end of June. Hope we can also sort some sort of a schedule
  4. Thanks for letting me know! We'll follow the trail and see where we are as time moves on, and I'll be sure to keep the ladies posted, OK?
  5. Thanks for appreciating my efforts magpie! I completely understand and acknowledge your disappointment (as I too thought the same thing until I finally grasped the BE model), although I really don't want to debate who should be doing what, as I already generously volunteered, and Ashley graciously accepted; so, for me, it's a done deal, with the exception of getting the swatches in motion and getting them returned to BE.

    At this stage, in both my BE order and life in general, I just want to focus on making the very best of it, as I have a plethora of ongoing matters in my daily life that bring me sorrow, pain, anxiety, and other unpleasantness. I don't know what tFP is to you, although, to me ~ it is a temporary escape from all else I must contend with, and it brings me joy along with my pets and handbags, KWIM?

    Moving on here...which bags did you order?

    I have the Love Me Mini in Glossy Apple Green and Love Me Midi Dark Grey (both with silver hardware) in transit to me.

    I pre-ordered the following:
    • Whisper To Me Midi in both Pewter and Purple Crash leathers
    • Make Me Smile Midi in both Purple and Black Crash leathers
    • Hug Me in both Black Glossy and Matte Chocolate leathers
    • Take Me Anywhere Midi in Chocolate Crash

    If any other serious buyers are interested in seeing these leather swatches, please post here and also PM me your mailing info. I welcome info or suggestions that may help expedite this process, as we have to cover some folks in the US and Canada before these move on to sara999 in the UK, then back to Ashley @ BE in London.


  6. Thanks for managing the list! PM sent.
  7. Sorry, I didn't mean to be or sound irritable...and certainly not at you who has taken on the task of coordinating this "sample swap." I had ordered the LMM in black crash, and also in purple, both with silver hardware. I had the straps made a little longer, which actually was a nice option to offer for me. (She told me about the apple green LMM that you're getting, I think that will be a fun color for summer).

    Tell there an advantage to pre-ordering, instead of just ordering when the line comes out? (I mean, other than getting your bag sooner?) Are there colors that will or will not be available later? This is new to me... TIA

  8. Magpie, your LMMs sound gorgeous! I can speak personally to the black crash since I had it in my possession for a few days -- it's stunning! The crash leather is fantastic! It was hard to return it but I had to because it looked small on me since I'm 5'11" and not the slimmest chick on the planet. It's not a small bag, though, so don't worry about that!

    I think the advantage to preordering is just assuring that you get what you want. For example, some girls lost out on the fuschia LMM with silver hardware because they didn't order quickly enough. BE is not a big fashion house like BAL. She has a small but loyal client list and doesn't do big production. This makes her bags unique and something that not everyone has! Also, I think that the leather itself becomes unavailable. So, if you're married to a color, I would pre-order. If not, then by all means wait!

    As for the swatch issue, again, we try to help her as much as we can, since she doesn't have a giant staff of people helping her like a big fashion house. She is extremely generous with us (really with everyone she deals with) and gives us optimum customer service as well as special requests which is unheard of in the industry. She actually communicates with us frequently by e-mail and by phone, and we feel that she really listens and helps us in our decisions. BE is kind of a whole different kind of model -- it's very high quality at actually reasonable prices with a lot of personableness. This is also reflected in the forum!

    I think you will be pleased and after you get your bags, you will understand for yourself. I'm not so familiar with Balenciaga, but I am a huge Bottega Veneta fan so when I say BE is high quality, you can believe it! Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks magpie! for your kind response!

    Your LMM Black Crash with longer handles sounds absolutely DIVINE and I've heard fabulous comments about the GORGEOUS Purple, although I'm a bit of a metallic girl myself. :yes: So, I went for the Purple Crash and am thrilled about it!!

    You raise exceptional questions about advantages of pre-ordering. I can only speak to my reasons for pre-ordering ~ to make sure I get the styles and colors I want. Once the leather is ordered/cut and the handbags are produced, there's a good chance this leather may not be available again, or available for a long time.

    My take on Jackie's production strategy is to produce the numbers her accounts order that meet a minimum order requirement, and a couple/few extra. Others, like us PF ladies, may tag onto these orders ~ as is the case with the Make Me Smile (full size); although, this moves rather quickly so potential PF buyers must think quickly and be ready to place their deposits within a brief window of time. And, once it's produced, this may be it completely, or at least for some time. I'm sure others can offer much more than my very limited experience, as I too am new to Belen Echandia.

    And, it seems that Jackie comes out with new designs/collections as she phases out others, such as the Love Me, Love Me Mini, Stroke Me, Stroke Me Midi/Medium (whatever it's called), the former I'm Yours Tote with two front zips is now down to one zip with gold hardware (I believe, but could very well be wrong), etc.

    I'm quite thrilled that you and I are both getting bags from Jackie's Love Me design series, because the handles are gorgeous with its ribbon detail. :yahoo:
  10. I didn't mean that the people who didn't order the fuschia LMMs were in the wrong, it's just that the leather became unavailable when they were ready to order or when they learned about it for the first time. Hopefully it will work out for them now!
  11. I think this is a perfect plan and I feel like we can get the samples to everyone quicker this way. Thank you for organizing this!
  12. Happy to help! :yes:
  13. Thanks for the info! And again, thanks for coordinating the samples. I just received your e-mail with all the details, and I know how much effort you put into it!

    You had wanted to do a bespoke order for a magenta LMM with silver hardware, yes? I'm interested in that (as you know), but I'm also curious if ANY bespoke order is possible if you have enough people that want it: for instance, can the LMM or BMM be made in one of the new fall leathers, say, purple crash or chocolate crash if there were enough people on board to do this?

    Anyway, I will most likely place an order for one of the bags after I see the swatches for one of the bags -- I like the slightly smaller bags like the LMM (that's why I was inquiring about still getting that one), or perhaps the Hug Me might work. Definitely something in chocolate crash, and purple crash as well if I'm lucky to save enough money to pay for both of them! :smile:

  14. Valkyrie: Thanks for taking the time to get back to me. I can't wait to get the bags...they're on their way as we speak.

    This is all a little new to me...I've never been "into" designer handbags...honestly, I've never paid this much for a handbag before, but the LMM just seemed, well, perfect for me. I never felt quite that way about a bag before. (That's why I surprised myself and impulsively ordered two!)

    Yes, I guess it will make sense to pre-order to make sure you get the color/bag you want. I'm in love with anything purple, and I suspect from Jackie's e-mails she is as well. Looking forward to seeing the swatch, and also the chocolate crash as well...those two are my favorites!

  15. Hi magpie!

    Yes, I would love to gather sufficient numbers to order the LMM in Fuchsia with Silver h/w, although, I don't know if there is any fuchsia leather left. I have this somewhat worrisome feeling that it is gone...which is why I haven't asked directly. I figure if we get the numbers, I would ask. But, if we don't get the numbers (which is more likely to happen), I didn't want to hear the stark reality that it's gone. I know, I know...shoddy logic at best :shame:, although, I'm focusing on the two bags on their way to me as well as my fall order. :yes:

    The Fucshia LMM w/ Silver h/w is a longshot. :tdown:

    The one to ask about coordinating bespoke orders is lovebags2. She is not interested in acquiring a Fucshia LMM, which is why I took the initiative to organize this possible bespoke order myself. I believe she's working on another bespoke order...the Dark Grey Glossy in I'm-not-sure-what. :shrugs:

    She's really got a handle on the various leathers, finer details, availability, ongoing bespoke orders...I don't know how she manages all this with her busy family life and their ongoing travels!

    If you have any questions, just ask, there are so many wonderful ladies here that know so much more about BE than I do. I too recently discovered BE through the BE February Give Away, which happened to be a Fuchsia LMM w/ Silver h/w. :girlsigh:
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