Swatch list...

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  1. Excellent post Karenina, excellent post.
  2. I have been advised by the police to not give out any details. Vlad and Megs have been notified as well. Will cancel my account when given okay to do so.
  3. The Red Camel Flies At Dawn...

    Pass it on...

    ETA: As we say here in the South: Bless your heart...
  4. Get a life lady!

    I've reported YOU.
  5. oh my goodness. I came here to look at the Swatch List, but somehow got lost. :confused1:
  6. Wow! I get off TPF for a day and miss the unraveling of a handbag consipracy!

    All I have to say is that I know enough about working with Jackie as a customer and the detail of her handbags to make my own purchasing decisions and feel comfortable giving her my business.

    As for the swatch list, I'm going to take a leap on a color and hope it is as beautiful as I expect it to be.
  7. I would like to see this entire situation made public on this thread! Magpie brought all of this up and she is now claiming she can't comment. I hope that she will change her mind. She's come into this thread throwing around a lot of accusations. I would certainly like some answers.
  8. Let's just say that if someone here were trying to convince me of something, running, hiding, calling the Police, but NOT presenting the facts, isn't going to sway me in their favor.

    Got something to say?? Then SAY it....or :censor:
  9. LOL, I just knew things were gonna get lively when you jumped on, Contessa! :yes::roflmfao:
  10. Trust me when I tell you I'm on my best behavior!!! :yes:

    We are a "moderated" family forum after all!!! ;)
  11. Well I'm new to the BE forum and was thinking of getting a bag. All this craziness has me on hold. I hope things get cleared up soon.
  12. Please don't let someone's accusations keep you from purchasing a wonderful bag. Jackie's bags are the most amazing bags ever. I don't for one minute think that BE has spies on our site. But even if they did, what would these so called spies be doing? They can't MAKE me buy a bag. I buy a bag b/c I love it and I can't live without it. So as much as I doubt that there are spies here if there were I wouldn't care one bit. No one makes me buy a bag.
  13. We're not always like this - honest! And you're right, there is a bit of craziness around at the minute! Don't let it put you off! :flowers:
  14. ^^ no we are not usually like this. We are a very pleasant bunch of people to be around. I guess we feel protective of Jackie and BE so when someone makes false accusations we get defensive.
  15. closing this until Megs or Vlad check in:closed:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.