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  1. I really want to see swatches of some of the new colors before I place my order...can we start a list of people who want to see them...thanks!
  2. I would love to see some swatches too
    i have the hardest time deciding a colour
  3. I'd love for someone to post in depth reviews on how the leather feels, weight, thickness, shine, etc. with very close up macro setting pictures!
  4. When I get the swatches Id be more than happy to take macro pix (just learned how to lol)
  5. Excellent!

    I asked Ashley to send me the following with my order:
    - Black Glossy
    - Matte Chocolate
    - Chocolate Crash
    - Pewter Crash
    - Purple Crash

    These should arrive with my LMM Glossy Apple Green and LM Midi Dark Grey, which I believe are being shipped this week. My order is being shipped via DHL, I think, which only takes two business days to arrive!!!

    The first person on my list for viewing is savvy.

    I'll make sure to let everyone know which samples I have received.
  6. - Black Glossy
    - Matte Chocolate
    - Chocolate Crash
    - Pewter Crash
    - Purple Crash

    These are all the colors Im interested in....can I get on the list to be after Savvy?
  7. You're the third request I received. I need to hear from savvy, to see if she will mail the samples to the second requester, who will then mail them to you; although, we also need to consider logistics as well, as some of us are in the US, and others are in Canada.

    Do you think it is better for us US ladies to view them first, then send them off to Canada, who in turn will either mail them to Sara across the pond or return them to Ashley in London?

    Honestly, I don't know how long it takes to mail something from here in the US to Canada and back; so, perhaps it's better to remain in one country before moving on to the next?

    Also, here in the US, it typically takes a couple of days for 1st class mail, and perhaps up to three business days at most from one coast to the other.

    What is the best way to go about this?

    Any help/insight is greatly appreciated!
  8. Snail mail from US to Canada can take up to 2 weeks - so maybe your idea of doing it all in the US and then up to Canada is best.

    If at all possible, I would like to join the bandwagon to see the swatches...
  9. lovebags2 ~ can you help us out here?
  10. id like to see them too! im in the us o' a
  11. tenmosquito ~ thanks for shedding light on the timeline when mailing from the US to Canada! Are you in Toronto or Upstate New York? You're the 4th requester and #2 is in Canada (Toronto, I believe).

    annvaldivia ~ you're the 5th requester and thanks for letting me know you're in the States!
  12. Excellent!!! :tup:
  13. Hi there, I asked savvy to put me on the list - I am in Canada (British Columbia). She has my address but let me know if I need to PM it to anyone else. Thanks!
  14. lccsue ~ you're the 6th requester, although there will be a delay between the US viewers and the Canadian ones, if you don't mind. I'm still waiting to hear back from tenmosquito to find out if she's in the US or Canada.
  15. yeah i'll probably be the last one to see them (unless cornflower or another UK-er wants to see them) and then i'll post them back to BE headquarters
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.