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  1. dsrk, have you contacted Circoit about the swatch list? Oh, I don't mind shipping to Canada, no biggie at all.
  2. h82bl82 ~ no, I haven't contacted circoit, as I've asked people to PM me if they wish to view the swatches. I wonder if she's seen this thread or visited it? :wondering

    The swatches will travel from the eastern US towards the west. If you happen to be the final viewer in the US, then you will forward them to Canada (thank you ~ thank you ~ thank you !!!).

  3. Hiya dsrk! Well, I hate to throw a spanner in the works.....but I am not in the US, Canada or the UK....I'm in the Netherlands!! I would love, love, love to see the swatches, as I am VERY serious about placing an order, and will PM you! So, I suppose I will forward them to anyone in the UK! Thanks again for organizing this, you're a star! [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I have since contacted here, and it seems she is on another circulation list. It must be a secret because I don't know who's on this list, which swatches are included, or who is managing it.

    Will someone please shed some light here so we don't have duplications?


  5. Tash1 ~ together, we will figure this out ~ thanks for your participation and support!!!

  6. Hey, I'm seriously contemplating my first BE purchase and would love to see the swatches. That would help me decide so much. BTW, I'm in Michigan and would be more than happy to mail to Canada.
  7. :welcome:Welcome chloe.f.puff to our new BE forum!

    I received your PM and have added you to the list!! :yes:

    Enjoy the threads and all the new friends you will make here!

  8. Will someone please tell me about the "other" swatch list? Who is managing it? Which swatches does it include? I would like some details to prevent duplicated efforts here. Someone please help me out!!! TIA!
  9. I have just read through this entire thread...and it is exhausting! I'm sorry, but I agree with Magpie. I don't find BE bags "inexpensive" --that term is relative-- and I do think that if the website offers to send swatches, that they should be available to those who wish to see swatches, without someone having to run a command center. Sorry, but that's how I feel.
  10. TropicalGal ~ have you voiced your thoughts to Jackie or Ashley? There is absolutely no need for you to apologize for what you think or how you feel. And I agree, BE bags are not inexpensive by any means! And they do offer to send swatches, if they have them. This is the problem, that they sometimes don't have them until they are returned.

    I'm just guessing here, although I prefer to view limited leather scraps from production than swatch samples that were produced for the sole purpose of viewing. Swatch sets cost money to produce and I imagine will be absorbed by the thanks.

    BE is a small/lean operation with a global audience. I don't expect them to behave like a large national long-established chain because they're not. To me, this swatch circulation is an idiosyncratic by-product of a small production workshop, which is what attracted me to BE in the first place...not the lack of available swatches, per se, but the ability to deal directly with the owner, designer, and producer of this product. So, to me, the lack of available swatches in a plethora of colors at any given moment is a negligible trade-off for the superb personalized service, fast/friendly communication, willingness to alter specs based upon our collective voices and concerns, the quality of the product, etc.

    In no way am I dismissing the importance of swatches, as many cannot commit to an order without seeing and feeling something tangible and for very good reason. I can because of my past professional experience, although I too still want to see a first-hand preview of what I have ordered or may order.

    Just my $.02! Well, this night owl needs to slumber, so off I go! Good night!

  11. I agree. Most brands don't even OFFER to send swatches. Especially larger companies. Can you imagine how swamped they'd be? Can you imagine asking Balenciaga or Chanel for a swatch lol? I agree about costs rising if they sent swatches to everyone who asked for them. The idea of a small company who has bags of excellent quality is what attracted me to them as well.

    I'd ask to see swatches but don't want to be added to the long list. Plus I'm sure whatever color I pick, it'll be great. Also I'm hoping someone takes really good pics/reviews of them to help out! :yes:
  12. ^^^Thanks for these replies. You are both right. I guess I'm frustrated -- not only do we buy without seeing IRL, but without easy swatches. Resulting in expensive transAtlantic returns. Ah well, such is the price of a gorgeous, real, made in Italy, beautifully designed...handbag! Thanks ladies.
  13. Awww, TropicalGal, we can all surely understand your frustration, even while understanding why the swatch situation has to be the way it is! It's hard to buy something expensive sight unseen, especially from another continent! I personally promise to take the best photos possible and give you an extremely thorough, immediate, unbiased review! :yes:
  14. ^^^^^Thanks! valkyrie! You're a peach!
  15. paintednightsky ~ please PM me your location and I'll let you know where you may stand in the circulation route.

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