Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

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  1. Supposedly she had a nose job too, which would make her whole face look different, do you think? She's cute and looks great in a bikini, but I'm still made at her because of the Lauren thing. lol!
  2. I agree!
  3. LOL!!! I remember during a physical once, 117 pounds/5 foot 6.5 inches, (a D cup naturally) seriously asking the doc if a breast reduction was safe for me. lol *They* are like having two melons hanging around 24/7. I'm the first to throw off the bra the minute I get home too (which I'm sure is not good for perkiness longevity...lol), and DH or best friend will hold my bra up and call it a boulder holder or car bra, etc. Just cruel!

    Anyhow, sorry for the rant...and back to Heidi. I really hope she did it for herself and not for anyone else. She's young, I hope she doesn't regret it later, ya know?!
  4. I think the size she went to looks fine. She is a good looking girl.
  5. I hope everything works out for Heidi. Marriage is hard at a young age; hopefully spencer takes this seriously somehow I doubt that though...
  6. wow she sure is recieving a lot of press lately is the hills due out soon?
  7. IMHO she did not need those knockers...silly. And Spencer is soooo creepy! UGH!
  8. her boobs look good! lol
  9. I agree with everything you just wrote!
  10. Heidi's looks good-she seems sweet, although VERY naive. Spencer's just a cheeseball (that is putting it nicely:smile:
  11. Can't see pics. :sad:
  12. Sorry can't see pics. . . . . . . . .
  13. What do u mean?? i dont get it??:confused1:
  14. lol I agree. She's horrible friend to Lauren, but you gotta love 'er.