Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

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  1. These two crack me up. They just show that the couple who trolls together stays together lol!

    Happy for them and their pregnancy!
  2. They certainly look like two peas in a needy pod!!! She looks pretty.
  3. New dad Pratt thanked Crystalarium, a crystal store in West Hollywood, California, for “dropping off $27,000 in crystals for the birth.”

    :lol: Ever the hustler.
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  5. I'm still surprised that we haven't seen more of him, he's cute. However the way Heidi is holding him looks awkward AF.
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  6. I think Heidi is sweet....I think the pics are just pics...they prob told her to hold the baby that way..(plus she is a first time mom, give her a break) .they may be cheesy but damn, they had a baby, they look smitten...at least give them that. smh
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  7. I actually find it nice and refreshing to see that they're still together and now have a baby. Even when the fame died and the money disappeared, they stuck together. It shows that what they have is real. I never would've thought that these two would still be here almost 10 years later, especially when the money and fame dried up.. that would break most couples. Good for them. They've proved a lot of people wrong *cough Lauren *
  8. +1, 100%
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  9. Very cute baby!
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