Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

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  1. i dont think they suit her...i think she had a small frame for a reason.
  2. Actually, I agree. I was just telling my DH that they look too big for her petite frame.

  3. they do, i wonder who she went to. probably Dr. Rey of 90210 fame...he's always pushing his clients to go "bigger, bigger, bigger".....his wife is about Heidi's frame, and they have the same size boobs(he did hers)....sickening!
  4. I know! He's a pig. lol

    I was also telling DH that it's funny how you want what you don't have...because I have always had big tatas, so I would have traded with Heidi's natural ones in a heartbeat. lol
  5. Here are some the pics since they came up as red X's for me too. I just went to the original site and picked some out, there were a TON of PDA ones I just left out. :rolleyes: Lol.

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  6. I can't see pics, either. :sad:
    I see them, now, thanks LVBabyDoll!
  7. oh, I see them now.
    She looks good to me. . . She has a fantastic figure.
  8. i think the boobs look good on her, although i'm a fan of big boobs in general. i think they've settled nicely and look pretty even from the first pics i saw. whoever did it did a good job, imo.

    spencer on the other hand...let's just say that although i think they look good, i honestly hope that they were HER idea, not his.
  9. No problem! :tup:
  10. did she get face work too? her teeth look very big for her face to me.
  11. ^^^^I've always thought the same thing about her teeth that they look more like chompers because they are huge! I think she's had work done on them probably veneers or caps maybe? But I do think she has a nice figure, they did a good job with the boob job but you can tell that she's had one because of the size! Overall she is a cute girl but her taste in men is :throwup:
  12. She looks really good.. but in one of the pics it doesn't even look like her- must be the angle
  13. OMG...im well endowed in that department too. All my Gf's ever do is talk about how lucky i am, and how they wish they had it, and free drinks(playfully) ect....they have no idea that it's completely overrated. I can only imagine the pressure heidi was under to be well endowed herself. Especially since Spencer is friends with all these celeb types like Brody Jenner and the like.
  14. He just looks so creepy!!
  15. He's doesn't have many fans here - gees, I hope she'll be happy :O