Speedy Monogram or speedy damier?

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  1. So girls! There has been so much talk about the speedy I hate to even ask another question about this. I have read a lot about each on this forum but I want to start a thread that kind of puts it together.

    Like many others, this will be my first LV purchase and I love the speedy. Right now, I am thinking I want the 25 but I can't decide between the classic monogram or wait for the damier to become part of the permanent line. Can you guys help me out?:biggrin: i appreciate it so much
  2. Get both :lol: Hmm, that is a tough decision, since the Damier speedy is :love: and the monogram is also lovely and classic. I personally think that the Damier canvas is a little more dressy. My papillon goes better with my more business/dressy work clothes, rather than my casual outfits. Hope that made sense :biggrin:
  3. i vote for the damier. i don't think i would ever get a monogram lv because i don't want to deal with the vachetta and i believe the damier line is weatherproof. also, in my opinion, the damier is classier
  4. i wear my damier with everything...it's like my everyday bag since i got it, i haven't even pulled out the 30 since christmas...i wouldn't wear my damier w/sweats, like i'd wear the speedy, but the damier looks good w/jeans and boots. i agree w/cristina, get both!
  5. Both! :biggrin:
  6. I'd probably get a damier if it'd be the only speedy to get, but the damier line also has many shapes that are far more interesting, such as the ribera which I find much cuter than the speedy.
  7. I don't think I'll ever get the Monogram Speedy just because they're all over the place but I don't want to say never. :amuse: I am waiting for the Damier Speedy very impatiently and I think the Damier line goes great with work clothes versus the monogram line.
  8. Thanks for your suggestions so far. I am torn because I want one that will work both for work and just casual outtings. Sometimes I look and see that the mono would fit both but others the damier. I am a t-shirt/jeans kinda girl and wear more formal clothes to work only.
  9. Damier speedy!!

    It's not as common as the mono but still as classic. Plus like others said, don't have to worry about vachetta. =>
  10. damier, hands down.

  11. I am biased...I have the ribera:love: I love it! It's a tough choice--I want the Mono speedy for travel, an epi speedy in red, I'd love a wardrobe of speedies...If only I won the lotto!!:amuse:
  12. I dont really like damier , so I say monogram :smile:
  13. Get the Damier...it seems more unique.
  14. Personally I would go with the Damier Speedy. If you want to make a statement. I think that the pattern is so different and so noticable. It is probably fine if you make jeans a complement, but it may not match sweats, juse as blackbutterfly said. But I also agree with Ayla that there are other style in Damier that I rather buy.

    In the other hand Monogram Speedy is far too common.

    If you want to go with casual, laid back style you should get the Monogram.

    And then again, I'd like to own the Multicolore..
  15. Don't laugh you guys but I don't have either one, so I definitly wouldn't know what to tell you, but I am in love with that perforated speedy. It's more youthful if anything.