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  1. To clarify: this thread is for Hermès GOLD only.

    For anything on Hermes silver please post here:

    If a newbie or someone accidentally posts on silver and you'd like to send words of admiration or answer a question, please don't answer here but wait till their post is moved to the Ode to Silver thread.

  2. It's so pretty!! I didn't like it when I saw it online but I think it looks perfect on your arm!!!
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  3. Thank you all for your kind words! And thank you for all the "likes".
    @Israeli_Flava @GNIPPOHS the delivery of this range has been very patchy with lot of orders cancelled. I did feel lucky I was able to come across those!
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  4. Thank you Nerja!
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  5. Thank you, dear IF!
    It did look perfect and fit me like a glove. All is missing is to come home with me someday lol
  6. Thanks :smile: The diamond bracelets are from a local jeweller
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  8. I always get excited when I see a notification you posted an attachment anywhere, especially here. Beautiful pieces and yes, they do look like Elsa Peretti a bit but luckily not like my favorite pieces, the hoop earrings.
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  10. Whoops, forgot to post the mod shot of the double ring for the Vertige Coeur. :sweatdrop: (credit theluxurytag)
    View attachment 4302876
  11. That does look pretty cute! Not a huge fan of the rest of the line, but the ring is :heart:
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  12. That's really pretty! I like it!
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  13. Ohhhh love these...very Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Wearing my CDC to my husband’s work cocktail/holiday party tonight!
  15. Love the look! CDC and coat!
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