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  1. To clarify: this thread is for Hermès GOLD only.

    For anything on Hermes silver please post here:

    If a newbie or someone accidentally posts on silver and you'd like to send words of admiration or answer a question, please don't answer here but wait till their post is moved to the Ode to Silver thread.

  2. Wooohooo bling bling
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  3. I totally agree!! This collection reminds me of Chopard or Tiffany, and Hermes is usually distinctly different from those brands
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  4. This is gorgeous! So elegant!
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  5. This looks lovely on you!

    This new collection has got me thinking that I would love if they introduced a regular Vertige ring in gold with a bit of sparkle. That way my silver Vertige ring could have a well earned rest since I wear it almost daily!
  6. Thank you! I meant to buy this as an everyday bracelet but we’re not quite there yet!
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  7. The mod shot isn't me. I've credited the pics accordingly. As for your wish, speak to your SA and H in Paris might grant you your wish for a gold Vertige with some sparkle. ;)
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  8. My apologies, I was too busy ogling the ring and missed where you credited the pic!

    Yes, you're right I will mention my wish next time I'm at H. :smile:
    My wishlist just keeps growing!
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  10. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: thank you so much. Yes, the CDCs are really wearable, light and they fit like a glove. I also love the Farandole, I wear it with white gold earrings or use it as a chain for me Kelly wallets and pochette .
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  13. Hello TPFers. I am a newbie here.
    I just added this Vertige Coeur diamond necklace to my small Hermès fine jewelry collection.
    View attachment 4317529