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  1. Here are some new additions to my Hermes fine jewellery collection. They are mere "stocking fillers" compared to the "heavy machinery" pieces in this thread! But I have always wanted some subtle everyday pieces for my right hand and these are perfect, worn alone or stacked in different ways, will match rg and wg bracelets etc. The punk rings:
    IRS20181218_105431.jpg IRS20181218_105514.jpg 20181218_105645.jpg IRS20181218_105618.jpg
  2. It depends on what the store ordered. If there's something you'd rather have in yg, just ask and it's available your SA may maybe able to get it for you.
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  3. Love these rings and you wear them beautifully.
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  4. Very pretty!
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  5. I love these too, just right for everyday
  6. these look very elegant on your fingers!!
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  8. I love these rings and how they combine - thanks for sharing!! :girlsigh:
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  10. LOVE these!!! And your hand and nails are so pretty too!!!
    My boutique never has any in stock =(
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  11. Thank you very much for the information. I have seen the black spinel range here in the US, but not the others, but will check with my SS after the holiday rush. I will also be in Paris in February and see what may still be offered in the rhodolite range.
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  12. Ooo SO pretty dear XX! :love: Did ask my SA about these rings and she told me they didnt order any. You lucky gal! :heart:
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  13. Girl! You and me both. It would be great to break off this island by jan 15! Realistically i wont be off till February 1... when west coast vacation starts :biggrin: unless by some miracle my money tree starts growing Benjamin’s and H fairy has a unicorn for me...
    You know I will come running! Ban Island or not :panic::facepalm:
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  15. These are so beautiful and look lovely on you!
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