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  1. I've been looking for a thread dedicated to sharing the beautiful BLINGY versions Hermes jewelry but haven't found one so wanted to start one!

    Though this isn't mine but my mother's...I really wanted to share this gorgeous diamond-encrusted rose gold CDC that will definitely become a family heirloom. It's a present from my dad to my mom not because of any particular occasion, but simply because of love! Super sweet and super blingy!

    Hope to see more diamonds and Hermes on this thread! :biggrin: :graucho:
    1305444_10200714430597483_1070515766_n.jpg 1370447_10200714430637484_622107261_n.jpg 1373873_10200714430677485_1392333968_n.jpg
  2. Love this! Wish I could contribute. Gorgeous bracelet, your mother is a lucky woman :smile:
  3. Gorgeous bracelet - truly an excellent family heirloom! Congratulations to your lovely mother!
  4. Yes, I'm excited when it's my turn to wear it in the future;) thank you!!!

    Very lucky indeed! Thank you!:smile:
  5. Stunning! Definitely an heirloom. Maybe your mom will let u share ;) This isn't considered "fine" jewelry but it does have diamonds so that counts for something right?! Lol.

  6. BEAUTIFUL!! :smile: looks so classic and timeless!
  7. This is so exquisite! Definitely a heirloom piece that will be cherished for years to come :heart::love:
  8. the diamond cdc bangle is TDF!! truly amazing! :woohoo:
  9. Yes! With age it'll be that much more precious!
  10. :smile:!
  11. Oh yeah! Thanks for starting this thread! xx
  12. Thanks!!! :smile:
  13. My CDC and Kelly bracelets:smile:
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    Last edited: Oct 2, 2013
    Lovely picture of all your Hermes! And yay to pretty much being twinsies!! ;)
  15. From today's NYT, I think this belongs here... :smile: