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  1. To clarify: this thread is for Hermès GOLD only.

    For anything on Hermes silver please post here:

    If a newbie or someone accidentally posts on silver and you'd like to send words of admiration or answer a question, please don't answer here but wait till their post is moved to the Ode to Silver thread.

  2. It is a necklace..... hooks together and lays like a scarf. Can be adjusted to be worn several ways.

    @csetcos reported back to me on this from a store event that I was unable to attend....apparently our MD has me in mind for this.... uh oh-- the $$$ ... I just don't want to know:facepalm:

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  3. It’s a stunning necklace! It looks like you take the thick strand from one side of the “oven rack” and put that over the head, and all the other strands drape down. When not being worn it doubles as a trivet I’m scared to know what the price tag will be.
  4. I cannot wait for you to try this on @Txoceangirl!!!
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  5. Thank you Papertiger. It is a perfect size for my wrist. I have tried a Rolex but even the Lady version feels too big for me.

    I looked at the different versions when I visited Paris last year. The all rg one is beautiful but gold scratches so easily so I thought this might be more practical with the barenia strap. The one with black onyx dial is also lovely.
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  6. Lol! The most expensive oven rack in the world. :giggle:

    With Hermes I feel like the general rule is you multiply ever foot of material by $10,000...Unless there are diamonds involved... ;)

    It sure is beautiful though!
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  7. That looks really beautiful on you Nahreen, so elegant.
    Congratulations on your special piece and your journey to reach it.
  8. Thank you so much Capri️. I am so happy I finally could buy it.
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  9. What did you think about it? Is that the Kelly? It’s hard to see there is so much sapphire! Also what country is this? Thanks!
  10. It's a gorgeous kelly ring. This is in the UK.
  11. Ok awesome! That means it’s moving to other countries maybe the US will get it soon! Do you remember pricing on it?
  12. It's just under £8k.
  13. Thank you. Did you happen to try on the bracelet version?
  14. I did but it was in green sapphire and pink versions. This was a few months ago. Don't remember the prices though .
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  15. Oh yes, i remember you posting those, they were gorgeous. Thank you!