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  1. To clarify: this thread is for Hermès GOLD only.

    For anything on Hermes silver please post here:

    If a newbie or someone accidentally posts on silver and you'd like to send words of admiration or answer a question, please don't answer here but wait till their post is moved to the Ode to Silver thread.

  2. Thank you! I was Surprised it sits so flush with it. Extra bonus that I can take it on and off!
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  3. Gorgeous necklace!! Looks amazing on you
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  4. you look fantastic! may i please ask where you bought your ring from? i love chunky yellow gold rings.
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  5. Very nice! You are giving me new ideas on what to get next. Hee hee hee.
  6. Uh oh! What are you planning? I wanna know lol ... is it a rainbow love?!?
  7. I am going to try stacking Kelly's and CDC's in different shades of gold and different stones. My SA will love you. Ha ha. Bracelets are my Achilles heels and I just keep buying more.
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  8. Haha you must be my soul sista. I have A bracelet OBSESSION. Clearly. I can Not stop either already plotting the next one.

    You mentioned different colored stones. Are you talking about the white gold one with pink stones?!? Because that one is amazing :yahoo: I’ve already told my SA to let me know when that hits the states. Not sure how I will squeeze cash out of my empty wallet... but I’m sure I’ll find a way. Husband’s already shipped me off to ban island, But I’ll be back. Christmas is just around the corner!
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  9. Yes, you read my mind. I am keeping this a secret from my SA for now. I still need to pay for my quota bag. Since it is not the one that DH promised to buy, I have to pay for it. So the earliest that I can get that toy will be Christmas.

    Ban Island is simply not strong enough to contain the extreme addicts like me.
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  10. Hahaha!!! Word.

    Do you know when the we will have access to the white gold one with pink stones the the US? I’d really like to know this. Just to plan. You know, in case I have to make an early escape from the island.

    If I tell my DH i want Another bracelet He may commit me to some institution or recommend some form of therapy for me. Stackers Annoymous or the like. Little does he know I’m planning on the white gold with pink stones and maybe a full pave love haha. Oh well, i told Him before we got married i only Have two vices in life. Bracelets and Birkins (Kelly’s too).
  11. I don't want to tell my SA yet as I am still waiting for my necklace to arrive. We can always ask our SAs to do a global search when we are ready to buy.

    I would like to think that bags are my only vice. But since I started shopping with my SA, I found more. Bracelets (gold and exotic) are definitely up there. DH said that they are probably my worst vice.

    I can only buy so many pedal harps and bags. But bracelets are so much easier to hide.
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  12. Lol! Pedal harps.... ya you can hide them but you can’t sound proof those suckers. That is why I am convinced i need More bracelet. I need Enough so that my bracelets don’t move around anymore which basically means stacks up to my forearms... Stephanie gottlieb style. She is ultimate goals! You will have to keep us posted on your bracelet endeavors!
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  13. and exotics in any form are definitely my vice as well!

    View attachment 4233480

    Cartier Oiseau libres
    Mini clous rosé
    CDC rosé
    Cartier Love
  14. Love this so much!!! We should have a bracelets and bags anonymous... although essentially that is what TPF is lol. Such a beautiful constance what color is she?
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  15. So we are the ABB‘s ...
    It is a constance wallet in graphite.
    Love it for travelling!