Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. Colonnil leather gel left patches on one of my smooth leather luggages (Tricolor one from F/W 2011), you should definitely test out a small hidden area first! But saying that, Colonnil spray worked okay on that same bag. The gel worked wonderfully on my drummed leather luggage though.
  2. ^Thanks for the tip, I have yet to use my leather gel from colonil on smooth leather. I think another pfrmer posted that the colonil spray also left marks on her smooth leather mini?
  3. I believe you have the same bag I tried the gel on, the grey/ivory/burgundy luggage. I put it only on certain parts of the bag and it's definitely obviously a different colour where I used it.
  4. I use Collionil Organic Protect & Care spray on my mini, it doesn't change the color of the leather, it waterproofs and so far prevent any color transfer and I live in my jeans most days.
  5. Have you ever used this on a Chanel lambskin bag? I just bought a pre-loved one and would like to know if I can treat it in any way. Thanks!
  6. Cabas owners- How do you store your bag? Upright, stuffed, flat?

  7. Upright -- hanging. Do you think this is ok?
  8. Stuffed, dust bagged and laid flat.
  9. Any tips on caring for Celine's exotic skins like ayers, python, etc?
  10. I would just be sure the handles won't get scrucnched, KWIM?

    Good to know, why laid flat--you mean on one side?

    VERY interested to know also, I have a place I can call and ask. I will do so and post if I find anything out. I hope other exotics owners post if they know. . .(dreamlet??)
  11. Hey peeps, any tips of how I can get rain stains off my black croc phantom? :sad:

    It's my first Celine bag, I specifically asked the SA of I should spray rain protector on the bag but she said don't so I didn't. Yesterday was the first time I wore it out and at some point it was showering a bit, althought I had an umbrella, my Celine still caught a bit of rain, now I have these rain stains on my bag! I called Celine and told them the situation and they said there's nothing I can do.

    Does anyone have the same experience and have a solution for it? Thanks!
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  12. I was just wondering if anybody treats the suede part of a Trapeze before using..?
    Any tips? TIA
  13. I've sprayed my entire trapeze with Collonil Nanopro, a few times more on the suede parts than the leather. HTH. :smile:
  14. How if the suede got wet?any tips how to clear the marks?
    And for suede owner,does the color transfer on suede can go away easily?
    Thank u
  15. I've been cleaning the suede with a suede brush/sponge, not sure if that helps if the bag got wet