Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. Forgive me if there is a thread like this already, but I haven't seen one. I am starting this due to a recent discovery (yesterday, in fact!) that both relieved and delighted me!

    There was a GREEN stain/spot on a VERY light-colored Celine Mini I have, and it is one I plan on selling. I had taken it to Nordstrom's to show Jane Yoon, my SA, and discovered the spot then. I FREAKED. The bag had been stored fpor quite a while, so I am not sure why it was there--it was faint, but STILL!

    Jane briskly appears with a tissue dabbed with something on it, and wipes the bag. The spot disappears! I asked her what was on the tissue:


    Turns out she had heard from a Celine rep that this works. . .they had been there just before my arrival.

    So, I thought I would share that with you guys in case you ever had a similar scenario (God Forbid!)

    The only other tip I have heard of (from you guys) is that carrying baby wipes is a good idea, as they can work wonders. I have never tried it, but a fellow member I found a bag for did. She said it was like magic!

    Hope anyone who knows of other "secrets" or just common-sense knowledge about caring for different types of leather (pebbled, smooth) or styles of bags, and/or the interior/exterior of Celines will post. :smile:
  2. For all my natural leather bags (including my new celine smooth mini :biggrin:) I condition them with "apple leather care" conditioner prior to use. For smooth calf and pebbled leather, I also spray with Collonil for waterproofing.
  3. thanks for the tip, Heathjo! with all the light and bright colors coming out, this will come in handy :smile:
  4. Thanks happycanary! If you get a chance, would you mind checking the main ingredients of that conditioner and waterproof stuff? I want to start comparing/contrasting the ingredients in the main conditioners/ waterproofing spary people use, such as the ones you named.

    I have tried cadillac at Nordie's b/c my SA had it, and it was FANTASTIC. When I went to purchase some at the top two "ritzy" local leather repair places in town, neither carried it. One had another brand the guy said contained the exact the same ingredients. It is called DYO Leather Balm, and is supposed to "condition, preserve, and waterproof smooth and exotice leathers." I haven't had to use it yet, but it contains: petroleum distilate (whatever that is!)

    I really hope so, I know it was a life-saver for me. Thanks for thr acknowledgement!
  5. Heathjo, thank you for sharing this info. I had read on that they use baby wipes as well, but I have not heard of the Chanel option. I will definitely give both a try if needed for my taupe Phantom. I really fretted about the light color. It should arrive next week - yeah!
  6. Do these work on the Box leather too?
  7. CONGRATS on your new Phantom! I am so glad this info may be of use, although I pray you never need to use it!

    The baby wipes saved me and the TPFr to whom I sent a Red Mini. She thought there was a white mark that had ingrained itself throught the leather! I was having a heart attack, as I always carefully inspect and take pics before I ship a bag, and could not see this spec. Anyway, I advised her to use a baby wipe, and VOILA! All was well. (I think a packing peanut speck got into the dust bag??? who knows. . .I was just glad the baby wipe worked!)

    In fact, the story I first heard about had to do with a Camel Box and coffe being spilled all over it, and baby wipes saving the bag! PLus, I heard they help with surface scrapes, which can easily occur on unfinished leather. So YES! Particularly on Box Bags and Smooth Leather!
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  8. how about celine suede? How should I care for it?? thanks!
  9. I hope someone with a suede bag helps answer this, but I am going to try and find out for you pepper. I will ask the bag spas here and also Jane (Yoon, from Nordies,) as she seems to know all the tricks!
  10. Thanks so much! This is my first Box bag & I know they need to be babied.
  11. Thank you so much!! That would be so helpful!! I have a suede cabas but it has been stored in the closet as I haven't figured out how to protect it!;)
  12. Thanks for your info HealthJo. Very helpful tips! :smile:
  13. They do! There was a Camel Box that Jane sold and had returned twice (it was half off due to being scratched) and she is having it sent here. When it arrives, I am bringing some products, and she has som as well, and we both are going to work on it and see what helps it best. I will let you know how this pans out.

    Hang tight until mid-week. I have to call the shops I referred to and speak with Jane, but I promise I will post what I find :smile:

    YW! I hope others post what they know. This isn't just "my" thread. I just hoped info about caring for bags could start to be gathere in one place, especially unusual tips like the Chanel Eye Maleup Remover and the product I referred to that is branded for leather car seats and handbags.
  14. Hearing that makes me a little bit afraid to keep it or carry it! I know they say after awhile it obtains a beautiful patina. Hopefully, I can make it through the scratches phase! Let me know how it works on that Camel one!
  15. Can someone please advise how to take care of the handles or straps parts?

    Bags will usually get abrasion easily at these places and the leather will discolour or be rough/flake off...

    I'm thinking of waterproofing my black nano to prevent this... Will it work?