Secret Tips for Caring For Your Celine

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  1. So,if ur suede got stains or dark spot from color transfer,it would be gone if u use brush/sponge for suede?no need cleanser or something?pls help
  2. Someone please help! I got some black pen marks on the faux suede of my drummed mini luggage. :sad: Does anyone know how I can remove the marks?
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    I think I have posted this here before, it is on my blog:
    So, how do you to protect, clean, and remove stains from suede Celine bags?
    • Apply a protectant
    • Brush regularly with a firm, stiff brush
    • Clean with an unscented baby wipe
    • Use a dry eraser to remove stains
    • Keep it dry and stuff with tissue when not using
    eHow in the UK used has a video that shows you how to remove stains step-by-step

    Here is a link

    They also have an article on cleaning colored suede

    Their resource was Mrs Clean, and this is a REALLY good article on removing stains
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  4. I found some info on this as well. . .

    How to Clean and care for python handbags:

    Recommended products for exotic skin handbags:
  5. Heathjo, thanks very much! Off now to try to clean those marks of..and to order a Chameleon insert.

  6. Thank u soooo mucch HeathJo!!
  7. My 4 year old Celine bag has broken hardware.

    Does Celine do repairs, and who would I contact?

    Thank you so much.
  8. Thanks for the tip! Do we need to use both apple and collonil? I just got a dune micro in pebbled leather and I'm so scared that it will rub on my jeans and get discolored!
  9. I'm using both leather care and the collonil...cos I'm from very humid, rainy, & hot country... my bags need more protection...

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  10. Does anyone know how to keep the shape of the luggage bags? My shoulder luggage has shown a teeny bit of sagging after a couple months and it's really upsetting :sad:
  11. Do you stuff it when not in use? I think that helps a lot.
  12. Yes, stuffing it with tissue helps, and I think some gals use certain purse organizers or base shapers??? I wish I could remember the thread where I read about them, but maybe if you search you can find it.
  13. Thanks for the tip!
  14. Thank you!! I'm buying them now on Amazon!
  15. hi! did you ever find out how? im thinking of buying a celine mini...but the only thing holding me back is the saging issue i keep hearing about..... any ideas?